U-Boat  LbNA # 21666

Placed DateApr 16 2006
LocationBuxton, NC
Found By The Wolf Family
Last Found Nov 22 2007
Hike Distance?


Although it was mostly waged on other continents, World War II did come to the Outer Banks's doorstep. German U- boats lurked in near-shore shipping lanes, exacting heavy damage on Allied vessels. At least 60 boats fell victim to the submarines, though the Germans experienced losses of their own: The first U-boat sunk by Americans lies in an Atlantic grave off the coast of Bodie Island. Outer Banks residents of that era recount having to pull their shades and extinguish all lights each night during the war so ships and submarines could not easily discern the shoreline.

This letterbox is located in Buxton Woods. To get to the trail head take Route 12 in Buxton 0.8 miles south of the water tower and turn left on to Water Association Road. Go to the end of this road where it makes a 90 degree turn with Great Ridge Road. Park off the road here and find the trail head on the SW side of this turn, by the road sign.

There are other letterboxes along this trail … starting with Biggest Sandcastle Ever, then OBX-Buxton, Maggie’s First Fish, Message in a Bottle, Hatteras Hurricanes and U-Boat, not to mention "Shell at Great Bridge" on a nearby trail.


• Continue from the hairpin turn in the trail at the “Hatteras Hurricanes” letterbox
• There will be a long flat stretch and then a gentle down
• You will then walk up along a log and the trail will curve right
• You will walk past an “elevated” log on the left
• Then the trail is undulating
• You will pass a 10’ stump on the left just before some cut logs on both sides of the trail
• You then pass a 16’ stump on the left. (If you turn around here and look back at the tallest tree in the area you will see an osprey nest.)
• You will hit a flat stretch and the trail will widen and cross a sand road
• You soon come to a PULLOUT WITH A UTILITY POST on the right.
• Stop here.
• Look to your left and you will see a small concrete marker in the woods on the left side of the trail. Walk 10 steps North from the road past this concrete until you come to a log which would be a great place to stamp. Close, but the letterbox is not here.
• Take 20 steps at 290 degrees to a less obvious log, passing a headless tree with your left elbow
• Under the east end of the log is the U-Boat letterbox. Reseal, rehide and reweight when you are done
• Return to you car by turning around and retracing your steps on the trail. You are less than 30 minutes from your car. We hope you enjoyed your walk!