Pasadena Rose(LOST)  LbNA # 21678 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationPasadena, CA
Planted ByPasadenaJulie    
Found By Q
Last Found Jun 14 2006
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Pasadena Rose Letterbox
Rose Bowl history excerpted from the Rose Bowl Stadium website:
The Tournament of Roses Association was looking for a site that would be large enough to accommodate the patrons who wished to see football games. In 1897, the city of Pasadena purchased ten acres of land located in the Arroyo Seco area of Pasadena, CA. This site turned out to be exactly what the Tournament of Roses Association needed. In 1921, it was decided that building should commence, and the structure was built with the south end open, giving the stadium a "horseshoe" shape. The design of the stadium was intended to accommodate as many patrons as possible, sitting close to the action. The first portion of the stadium was completed for less money than had been budgeted, and the seating capacity at the time was 57,000.
On October 28, 1922 the first football game was played in the Rose Bowl with the University of California Bears battling the University of Southern California Trojans. The Rose Bowl was officially dedicated on January 1, 1923. The south end of the stadium was closed in 1929, giving the structure its famous, sight line-enhancing elliptical shape. With this addition, the capacity was increased to 76,000. The current official seating capacity is 92,542.
The Rose Bowl is known mainly for the New Year's Day football game, but other events have called on the Rose Bowl to host their events. In addition to hosting five NFL Super Bowl Games, the 1994 Men's World Cup, and the 1999 Women's World Cup, the Rose Bowl Stadium is home to UCLA football, Fourth of July celebrations, concerts, religious services, and the world's largest flea market (R.G. Canning).

Itís also a great place to go for a walk or look for a letterbox!
To find the Pasadena Rose letterbox drive to the Rose Bowl stadium parking lot. From the 210 East, exit Seco/Mountain and turn right onto Mountain. Follow the road past the light at Lincoln and head downhill toward the bowl. Be very watchful, many of Pasadenaís fit and active use this area of town for exercise- you are sure to see many bikers, runners, and dog walkers beginning after Lincoln Ave. At the stop sign, proceed straight. Youíll see the stadium on your right and depending on the day you may see up to 6 live soccer games on the green in front of the stadium. Many of Pasadenaís pick-up soccer leagues use these fields for practice and competition. If you had turned left, you would be heading towards the parking for the Kidspace Museum. Kidspace opened their doors at this location in 2005. The museum is fun and very child-friendly, accessible, and great for families to visit and let the kids run wild. At the time of placement of this box, Kidspace has two letterboxes.

Follow the road over the bridge. You are passing over the Arroyo Seco..a tributary of the Los Angeles river. Ahh, take in the natural..ah, er, man-made riverbanks. Although there is rarely more than a trickle of water flowing, we are thankful for this waterway as it collects the runoff after our heavy winter and spring rains.

Keep your eyes peeled for parking lot K, just after the bridge. Turn right and park in lot K. Watch your right turn- the runners/bikers seem to appear out of nowhere and they have the right-of-way. From this point on, the journey will be on foot, but donít worry, it isnít far. Get your bearings, view your surroundings, and begin looking for the lot sign that reads K 3. Hopefully it is a clear day and youíll take note of the beautiful foothills just behind the stadium. On the second Sunday of each month the Rose Bowl holds an old-time flea market. Much of the outdoor antiques are placed in the far end of this lot. Proceed to sign K 3.

From the K 3 sign post, turn away from the stadium toward the road and green brush past it. Keep your eyes peeled and spot the Kidspace Museum road sign. Do you see the yellow fire hydrant below it? Walk to the hydrant.
At the hydrant, look into woods. Look carefully, those vines are growing on something. Oh! A chain link fence! Turn right , walking along the woodchips following the chain link fence.

Keep your eyes open for the quadruple trunk tree. See the tree? Did you lose sight of the fence? Look closely. The fence turns! Turn left and follow the fence up the hill. Just past the first few bushes, youíll find a clearing. Look to the right, keep your eyes on the ground and look in the base of the bushes. Do you see the bush at the top right with 5 or-so trunks? In the niche of the trunks there is a pile of rocks. Move the rocks and voila! A letterbox!

Are you lost? Didnít see the tree? Or the fence? Return to lot K. Find parking spot #73, cross the street towards the ocean drain. Walk towards tree cover- see the fence now? There is that corner that turns up the hill! Phew, youíre safe! Proceed up to the clearing.

Pasadena Rose letterbox is managed and maintained by Kim and Julie. If the box needs repair or is missing, please email-

As of Oct 10, 2007 the Pasadena Rose is missing... ;( It appears as if a dirt slide pushed it down the hill. We will work to replace it.