L. P. Ray  LbNA # 21688

Placed DateApr 22 2006
CountyTwin Falls
LocationBliss, ID
Found By FrogiNater
Last Found Oct 20 2010
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L. P. Ray
This letterbox celebrates the concept of spring cleaning and, in particular, the inventor of the dustpan. I learned about the African American inventor L. P. Ray on the worldwide web. I couldnít find out much about him. But, it says that before he patented his invention, anyone cleaning a room swept dirt, dust or trash out of a door onto the ground outside. Or they used a piece of paper in order to collect debris. Mr. Ray created a device with a metal collection plate attached to a short wooden handle into which trash could be swept without getting one's hands dirty. The device was patented on August 3, 1897 and is called a dustpan.
Directions: From I-84 between Bliss and Wendell, take exit #147. Malad Gorge State Park is your destination. (There is a $3 day-use fee to enter the park.) When you reach the stop sign after you exit, youíll take a right onto 2300 S (or left if coming from Twin Falls) and drive about 0.20 miles. Follow signs to Malad Gorge State Park. Take the first right (North) onto Ritchie Road and continue for 0.70 miles. Youíll have passed the visitor booth and see a four way intersection. Turn RIGHT (North) onto the road to the Devilís Washbowl parking area. Here, there is a footbridge across the Malad River. miles.
Once youíre parked, take a look around. When ready, cross the footbridge. Continue on the asphalt path until you see a three-part sign. (Itís about 0.25 miles from the end of the footbridge to the sign.) The first panel is ďFormation of the Malad GorgeĒ. As you stand in front of the sign, turn due North and head 40 steps (20 paces) away from the canyon wall. Pause after you step and notice a mini-basalt drainage before you. Mosey down the center of the drainage for approx. 44 steps (22 paces). Note particularly the right side of the drainage. Spot some white (maybe calcite?) leeching from the rock at chest height. It looks like bird poop, but Iím told itís not. Face the outcrop and begin searching for a 4-6Ē wide vertical crack that starts at the base of the rock and stops about 2 Ĺ feet up.
If you canít find this crack, start at the spot where the outcrop starts petering off and pace off 6 steps (3 paces) back toward where you came from. The crack isnít on the face of the outcrop. Itís on the face of the right side of a chimney-like inset. When you find the crack, look for a rock concealing a shelf in the upper portion. Careful for your fingers and carefully remove the cover rock. L. P. Ray is resting on the shelf lovingly built by Mr. DíFly Nation.