La Paloma  LbNA # 21698

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateApr 24 2006
CountySanta Fe
LocationSanta Fe, NM
Found ByArnoldZiffel
Last UpdateSep 10 2011

Difficulty: Easy

Clues: Begin your search at benchmark FN0408 (designation E 439). Cross the nearest street and go to gate in metal fence. Standing in center of gate, head to fake tree at 280 degrees magnetic. Proceed on to CUY of wire at 300 degrees. 33 paces further at 320 degrees takes you to a large boulder; you will pass the letter G on your right along the way! Facing the boulder, walk 6 feet to the right. Take the last 2 digits at your feet as the compass bearing and walk 60 paces to the nutters and the letter M. How many nutters are there? Multiply this number by 10 and head at that compass bearing to the cube. Facing the cube, walk 2 spaces to the left. Take the last 2 digits from the marker and use this as your compass heading and walk to the chain link fence. Look for the largest, multi-trunked tree against the fence. Camo letterbox is at base of tree, against the fence. Please re-hide well and be very discreet.