Hiking Pug  LbNA # 217 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2002
LocationAustin, TX
Planted ByThe Pug Lovers    
Found By cancan
Last Found May 13 2007
Hike Distance?

The Hiking Pug Letterbox
Location: Barton Creek Greenbelt
Near: Austin, TX
Placed on: 7/28/02
By: The Pug Lovers

Difficulty: Kid and Dog friendly (weather permitting) but beware of poison ivy and thorny bushes


* Go to the Loop 360 access to Barton Creek Greenbelt
* Park in the trailhead parking lot
* Follow the winding path until you reach the path marked with a "Caution" sign and make a right
* At the next fork, take a left onto the path along the river (towards Gaines)
* Stay on the path to the right (closest path along the river)
* Stop for a picture, a swim and a quick drink for your dog at the scenic waterfalls on your right---there are 3 trees with 3 benches for you to rest
* Continue on the path underneath the highway overpass
* From your next fork, continue on the hike/bike trail to the left of the "Caution" sign
* At the next fork, take the lower path marked by another "Caution" sign
* At 107 paces from this point, you will turn left on 180 degrees (To make sure you are going the right way, at 45 paces you should pass a large oak tree on the right of the path with a large hole in its bottom.), stop and at a degree of 180 degrees take 15-20 paces. (Watch out for the triple-strand barbed wire about 6 paces off of the trail.)
* You will see a large, distinct, V-split oak tree --- in a hole at the base of the tree you will find the letterbox...