5 Bridges of Batsto  LbNA # 2170

Placed DateFeb 15 2002
LocationBatsto, NJ
Found By MikeMD3
Last Found Jun 22 2016
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by T&E in 2002. *Clue Updated - Sept. 2013*


There are several trails in the area of Batsto Village. The Blue Trail, the Batona Trail, etc. This trail along a branch of the Mullica River is not well known, and the beautiful part of this hike is that you go past 5 bridges. They are relatively newly constructed, so don't be tricked by the old, broken remnants of footbridge along the way.

You will need a map, but the Batsto map won't help you, nor will the Batona Trail map. You will have to figure out which map is needed. It's fairly obvious where you can obtain one. The question is which map to ask for. Read this entire clue page to determine the name and color of the trail (or is that trails?).

This trip is about 2.0 miles round trip from the trailhead.

Note: My paces are normal footfalls.


-Park at the Batsto Visitor's Center.

-Go inside and get your map.

-Go all the way through the town to start your trek at the trailhead of this dual trail.

-Follow this yellow trail a ways as you come across the first bridge(1) built by the army corps?

-Continue on. As you approach the second bridge(2), don't be tricked. Look at the map carefully. You don't want to be yellow any longer, so don't cross this bridge (which extends up to Constable Bridge). **Note - the bridge was washed away and has not yet been replaced**

-Follow the newly marked orange trail. Look carefully at the map. (Hug the pond and don't be fooled by the old remnants of an old footbridge. No reason to get wet.)

-Shortly you will come to another bridge(3). Follow it through and bear to the right on this well-marked orange loop.

-Past another bridge(4) traveling alongside the waterway.

-Farther down, as the trail moves away from the water, continue on as you approach the "farthest end" of this loop. This will be your key to the starting point for the search.

-Just after reaching a relatively clear area with random trees (*the second such area), there are two markers close to each other (10 paces) as the trail loops sharply left. Stand at the easternmost marker.

-At 140 degrees, you will spy two previous markers. Go 37 paces 145 deg. to the middle "V" tree.

-Now go 23 paces 210 deg. to that gnarly triple tree.

-Now go 18 paces 310 deg. to that quad tree.

-Now go 8 paces 300 deg. to the triple little cedar trees.

-The letterbox is between the base of these trees completely covered. Cover well when done. Hope you enjoyed this.

-Now, continue on the orange trail loop to shortly cross another bridge (5). You will shortly connect to your original route to continue back.

Some Off-trail walking involved. Carefully replace contents and re-hide well. Visit Batsto Village after the hunt.