Sunshine Letterbox II  LbNA # 21717

Placed DateApr 25 2006
LocationBellevue, NE
Planted ByJWN    
Found By JWN
Last Found May 11 2006
Hike Distance?

Placed by JWN.

Steve's Sunshine box has been lost to the elements or to varmints, but this is such a good location that I have placed a new Sunshine Letterbox in the same hiding place.

A couple of notes:
* The compass measurements in the clues do not seem to be fully accurate.
* The ruined keep of Apollo has undergone further calamity in the last few months. As a result, the site is even more ruined and there are many blackened fingers in the area. The letterbox site has changed significantly over the winter. Here's hoping the letterbox stays safe.

Steve's original clues are as follows:
Sunshine letterbox
My first placement. By Steve
The Location

Go three-quarters south to "the Way of the much beloved Maize-shucker".

Greeley directed, seek out the practice yard of the willing pyrophobes.

Stable your mount within the demesne of Cygnus' scion.

The Clues

-- I stood at the verge of the desert. All about me was vague and dim. Where was the Sun? Why was it not in the sky? I vowed to seek him out.
-- The desert where I stood was a living place, a domain of joy and merriment. Far across, a voice called to me.

"I am the start of your quest!"
-- Shifting sands sucked at my feet as I crossed the waste, and I approached a Great Spider. To her west stood two twisting carmine serpents, calling me in sliding voices to tarry a while. But I ignored their wiles, and went to stand beneath the 8 sheltering legs of the friendly arachnid.

"What is it that you wish?" she asked.

"To find the hiding place of the Sun." I replied.

"Follow Polaris 116 paces from my abode. You will come to a lilliputian vale. From there seek out the Dwarrowdelve. Dwarves are cunning and possess much wisdom. I can direct you no farther."
-- When I came to this small valley, I could see no way to advance. A tower lay at my back at 210 degrees, but no other landmarks could be seen. To dexter, I heard a rushing sound, as if Xanth ran there.
-- I strode forth 47 paces at 320 degrees, and there found the verge of Moria, great house of Durin's folk. The mystic word "REWES" was engraved upon it with runes, and at 90 degrees I beheld an Iron Giant with strands of power in his hands. I knocked at the door, and though it was not opened, I received further direction.

"There is no light down here! We dwell in darkness, and are friends with it. Mark your road 3 times 7. Take 114 steps, and you will find the way to what you seek. Fear not the Giant!"
-- Soon, I came to the trail, plain and well traveled. I followed this path at 5 degrees into the darkling forest, descended into misty vale, crossed an ancient span, and ascended to the meeting of many ways.
-- Choosing the most widdershinwise, I rode at shank's mare 66 times.
-- Here, two trails drew close together. One tended left...I liked not it's looks. The other entered the grave of a long lost abode. I took council with the woods, and decided to skip from one way to the other.
-- On and on I went in the deep forest hush. The trail dipped down and then rose back up steeply, wound like a snake, coming close to but never quite meeting other ways. Finally, after 130 paces, I came to the crossroads.
-- Though I had just seen another plain sign, it had the look of the work of men, and I did not trust it. Instead, I set my face to 340 degrees, and fared forth again. I passed the great lightning sundered Ent-herdling, and the yellow sentinal, and in just 50 paces came to a choice. Perseverance was my watchword, I turned not aside, but held my direct course.
-- As I journeyed on, I left the deepness of Greenwood behind, and at 184 more paces again found a sign at my feet.

"Ex-el!" I muttered. "What can this mean?"

"Step it twice and a tenth." the wind sighed, so I did.
-- I came in sight of the keep of Apollo. Alas! The walls were fallen, and the abode was ruined. What great disaster had occurred here? But I lost not hope, for many things may lay hidden.
-- I passed into the keep, beheld the blackened finger, and dropped a plumb from its tip.
-- There, under the Cat's Hot Dance Floor, shallow buried, lay the hiding place.

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