The 3 Bears  LbNA # 21718 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerChelle & Chickadee '11    
Placed DateApr 23 2006
LocationGreat Falls, MT
Found By MeSteve
Last Found Apr 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Near Rainbow Falls, you can park
for the Scenic Overlook by Lewis & Clark.

Enjoy the falls from where you stand,
read about "saleing" on dry land.

Find the trailhead by a Mason's seat,
take the "more difficult" dirt trail for this feat.

(If you're in a wheelchair or need to go slow
the paved main path is another way to go!
Just go to the end and you will see
where to sit with Gene and Carolee)

Follow the trail with the river's flow,
"more" or "most difficult"...either will go!

Sit a spell with good ol' Frank,
then back to the trail 'long the riverbank.

Stop and read about Crooked Falls...
"Take a walk on the wild side!" when it calls!

Gene & Carolee sat here, too,
to catch their breath and enjoy the view.

Take the trail behind and to your right,
53 paces to a trail marker's site.

Walk 60 more steps and then you'll see
the "3 Bears" juniper family!

Scratch Papa Bear's back, and under the rocks
you'll find The 3 Bears Letterbox!

Please make sure when you hide it anew ...
that the lid is secure and it's hidden from view!

After you get home and have a rest,
Log your find on LbNA or Atlasquest!