Disney Takes A Hike  LbNA # 21724 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 21 2006
LocationPotomac, MD
Found By CactusDog7
Last Found Jan 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Directions: From I-495 take the Clara Barton Parkway towards Carderock and Great Falls. Drive past Carderock and the Naval Research Center. When you come to the end of Clara Barton Parkway, take a left onto MacArthur Blvd, towards Potomac, MD. Drive past one stop sign. You will see a restaurant on your right, Old Anglers Inn. On your left are a couple of parking lots. Park either in the lots or on the side of the street. Walk down to the bridge, cross the canal and turn left until you see the sign for Billy Goat Trail B on your right. Take that trail and follow the blue blazes. Be careful: it's rocky in parts, but also beautiful. Bug spray and a water bottle are often a good idea. CLUES: The trail leads away from the canal straight towards the river, takes a sharp left, winds over a sometime-stream. You'll pass a felled tree on the left, a large rotting stump on the right and ahead you'll see an area of fallen trees, mostly on the right. On the left is a dirt mound with trees growing from behind it. Mickey's hiding at the base under a rock. Continue down the trail to find Minnie. You'll travel over rocks and tree trunks until the path finally turns to dirt for an easy walk. It's a bit of a hike. When the dirt path ends, as you clamber up the first set of rocks, look right to find two trees whose trunks have fused and separated, making an "X". You'll find Minnie under a large rock about a yard beyond the fused trees. Donald's still ahead. On the other side of these rocks, the path becomes dirt once more as you parallel the river. You'll sometimes see kayakers on the rapids here. The path will fork. Go right, towards the river and over the rocks. You're on a dirt path again, which soon veers sharply left, away from the river. As you cross the stream, follow the fallen log on your left. Donald's den is in the hollow end. Three down, one to go. Follow the blue blazes as you search for Goofy. Eventually you'll see a large island on your right in the river. When you come near the end of the island, you'll see a tall, rotted stump on your left and a small adjunct trail leading away from the river. On your right is a tree marked with blue blazes on both sides. Goofy's in the hollow base of the tree. You're now two-thirds of the way down the trail and have 3 choices. You've already completed the most difficult portions, so if you're feeling energetic, enjoy the trail to the end where it leads back to the canal, then turn left to follow the canal back to the bridge near parking area. (It's the second bridge you'll pass.) You can also double back the way you came, or follow the adjunct trail (it meanders, but it does pass a Port-A-Potty) to the tow path along the canal and turn left, following the canal to the bridge near the parking area. The Letterboxers and Buddy, our dog, - who really IS a Boxer - thank you for visiting with us!