Star Lite  LbNA # 21726 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSirius Star Gazer    
Placed DateApr 26 2006
LocationLexington, OH
Found By boogieman
Last Found Sep 6 2006
Hike Distance?


This letterbox is found at Gorman Nature Center. It is on St. Rt. 42 just north of Lexington. As you leave Lexington, be on the lookout for a yellow "Park Entrance" sign. Slow down as the park is just ahead and the sign can't be seen until you are almost up to the entrance. Turn right into the center. Go to the right into the parking lot and park in front of the small picnic shelter with the fireplace. Pretty neat! It's a nice place for a picnic lunch. Behind the shelter and to the right, find the trail. Dogs are allowed on the trail, but must be on a 6' leash. Start out on the grassy trail and soon you'll come to a small peninsula that goes out toward the pond on the right. There are 2 benches there. It's a nice place to sit and listen to all manor of wildlife - the singing of birds, the plopping of fish, turtles and frogs. You'll see the wooden observation bridge just past this point. Go right onto the bridge. Check over the right side for the school of bluegill. They will follow your progress over the bridge, hoping for a handout. At the end of the bridge, take the grass trail to the right. After a short distance there will be a trail that goes off to the left between 2 birdhouses, but don't follow it. Keep going straight. The treeline will be on your right. The trail goes uphill and into the woods. Beware of low hanging branches! Where the trail T's, go right, following the wooded path. The trail will T again, go left. There is a wildlife watchtower straight ahead. Climb the wildlife watchtower. Keep your eyes open, we saw a lot of small animals and birds from on high. When you get to the top of the steps, turn to your right. At the end of the deck, look down in the woods, at about 11:00. There you'll see a fallen tree. The close end is wedged between 2 smaller trees. Go back down the steps and make you're way to this tree. Underneath, where the trunk is cracked you will find what you are seeking. The tree is a perfect place to sit and do your stamping, but be very discrete. People are on the trail at all times and you can be easily seen. Please rehide the box carefully, making sure it can't be seen from either side of the log. There are a lot more trails and ponds in this nature center, so if you have the time, continue on the trails. If you happen to be there when the actual center is open, it is a neat place to go into to see what kinds of flora and fauna are native to the area. Have fun and enjoy this nature center.