Troth Stone (Formerly Water's Edge)  LbNA # 21747 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Pakrat    
Placed DateOct 16 2005
LocationNew Providence, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Dec 2 2012
Hike Distance?

June, 2014
This box has gone missing due to dam rehabilitation activities.

Box has been replanted, using the original stamp and logbook.

Box has been adopted by The Pakrat.


Before this site was published it was used by Rich to propose to Kelly. We had a beautiful fall day with the sun shining and a very light breeze. We kept the original stamp for nostalgia purposes, but the verbiage remains the same on the new one. We hope you enjoy this location as much as we did.
P.S. If you’re gonna pop champagne don’t point the bottle towards the lake.


Total distance: Approx 2.5 miles
Total time: About 1½ hours

Go to Trailside Nature & Science Center in New Providence, NJ and park in the lot. Follow the driveway close to the entrance; go past the house towards the back just beyond the wall of Pines. Choose the trail that boasts the tour of the earth.

Make your way down the path through where molten earth once flowed, the glacier traveled and past the fallen trestle. Soon your path will merge with the stream. Now bear to the right over the flat bridge that spans nothing. At the next fork go left, over the bridge made of stone and up the trail.

After a short walk, at your first chance, take a sharp right turn between two trees and pick up the white trail. Continue along and begin your walk along the side of “Surprise Lake”

You will pass a large rock first on the left and then on the right. Keep an eye out towards the water as we’ve seen turtles sunbathing and once a Blue Heron. Watch your step as you traverse a board over what is normally a small creek leading to the lake. When you come to forks in the road always chose the one that keeps you close to the water.

Unfortunately, at the end of this path we come to a road. Walk along the road for only a few feet after turning to your right, and then back down again on the other side of the lake. (Not crossing the road)

On the other side is a bridle trail, which you will continue along on this side of the lake now. You will make your way between three lonesome pine trees, past the large rhododendron bushes and around the lover marked tree. Always keep in mind to choose the path nearest the lake.

Once at the water’s end turn right at the warning sign then face right at the end of the path. Take a moment to reflect on your journey.

From the south end, take a few steps toward the water and look for the brown standing stone. Facing it, look for a shallow nook about one foot to the right. It hides behind some dried leaves.

• Bring your own ink; blue is suggested.
• Please rehide well and watch for muggles; this is a popular hiking trail.
• Area may be prone to flooding after heavy rains.