Urban Legends of Jacksonville  LbNA # 21752

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateApr 27 2006
LocationJacksonville, TX
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

This box was replaced on June 4, 2011 in the same location, but now it is in a bag, instead of a box

Every town has at least one urban legend that is passed down from generation to generation. Well Jacksonville is no exception and growing up in the wonderful town, I heard a lot of interesting stories about Mother Templeton's statue. These stories included a high school football player who swore that the statue talked, to numerous people who say that her arms move, to a Bible that disappears and reappears at different times in her hand. Now, when I placed this box, her left arm was hanging down, and the right arm was at her chest...so let me know if you see anything different. Now I have never personally heard her say anything...but a friend of a friend of mine.....

Directions: This lb is located in the old Jacksonville City Cemetery. To get to the cemetery, take Hwy 69 north over the overpass (going towards Tyler). At the traffic light at the bottom of the overpass, turn left onto Cherokee Street. At the first stop sign, turn right onto North Bolton Street. Go through the yellow flashing light and at the first traffic light, turn left onto Kickapoo Street. Go exactly 1 mile to the 1st entrance of the cemetery on your right side. The cemetery is not signed, but you cannot miss it.

Once you are in the cemetery you will notice that there are several intersections, go to the second intersection, which should put you in front of a black wrought iron fence, with a tombstone that says Templeton and another tombstone behind that one that has a large statue. There is also a large magnolia tree behind the statue. To get to the box, stand with your back to the the back of the statue...be careful and watch for her moving arms, and if you are lucky she might even talk to you...ok look to your left and you will see a cedar tree that has 5 trunks. Go to this cedar tree and look in the middle of the trunks for this mysterious box.

Please contact me and let me know the condition of the box and replace/recover the box carefully.