Leaf Me Here  LbNA # 21761

OwnerWilliamsport Tribe    
Placed DateApr 28 2006
LocationMt. Sterling, OH
Found By two little moose
Last Found Apr 3 2011
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden at the DeerCreek State Park. First you need to head toward the lodge and just as you are getting to it take the side road to the right that goes to the cabins. Pass the baseball diamonds on the right and continue down the road looking to the right for the trail head Waterloo Trail. Once you see it park on the right on the lot just past it. First you need to start at the wooden bridge, you need to count 17 boards in the bridge and look to your right on the railing you should see the Williamsport Tribe there. Once you see the Tribe step off the bridge now follow the trail and count 177 steps. The lake should be on the right and there should be a small tree behind you with a Red blaze. Face the lake and do an about Face, you should be looking at a stump about 30 inches tall with a tree lying East and West. What you are looking for is hidden between the stump and the tree on the Westend. This is a take 1 leave 1 box. Please Rehide Well for non letterboxers. Let us know the progress and if you found it!! We started out as dolphin and now we are Williamsport Tribe.