Oh, Mooooose!  LbNA # 21762 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Cottontails    
Placed DateApr 28 2006
LocationBlack River Falls, WI
Found By beakerbelle
Last Found Jun 19 2010
Hike Distance?

******* Box is currently missing and will be replaced next time we travel to MN*********

Exit 116, off of I-94
Go to the Perkins Restaurant and park near the HUGE Orange Moose.

There is a small orange stamp pad included in this box. (Which may need to be replaced on our next trip through. Please only use orange ink on this stamp, if the stamp pad is in fact no longer usable.)

My parents were both born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They moved out of Minnesota after they got married and my father got a job. I can remember many family trips from Illinois to Minnesota to visit Grandma and Grandpa. My little sister and I would keep watch for the Black River Falls signs to start appearing on I-94. As we noticed the numbers getting smaller for Black River Falls, we would get really excited. We would start yelling, “Oh, Mooooooooose! Oh, Mooooooooose!” We knew that when we saw the giant orange moose that it would be time for lunch and we would get to get out of the car and run around in the park for a little while. We always had lunch at Perkins, I always got pancakes and a chocolate shake; we would then get to go play by the moose. Sometimes we would take a picture while we were there. I still find myself yelling for the moose when we drive up to Minnesota.

This year, Grandma is celebrating her 91st birthday and we are driving up to spend the weekend with her. We thought it would be the perfect way to commemorate this milestone by leaving behind our version of this beloved orange giant. As he is far from our home, please drop us a line to let us know how he is doing. He will be hard for us to keep an eye on.

I hope that you enjoyed your adventure to see this gentle giant.

Walk over to the Moose, and stand on his right side. Follow his gaze and enjoy the lovely scenery. Turn to your right and look towards I-94 with your back to the Moose. Follow the waterline between the Moose and the expressway. You will come to a pile of black rocks. Walk to the top of this pile (closest to Perkins). You will see a couple of pointy rocks that are larger than the rest. You will find your prize nestled between those rocks.