Wild Acres  LbNA # 21771

Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationBoonton, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Wild Acres
M orris Land Conservancy
Boonton, NJ Morris County
Placed by Wingfoot on 04/15/06

Directions are available at the website:


There is a big white sign with the number 19 nailed to a tree on the left of the entrance to the park.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Time: 15 minutes

What I really enjoyed about this park was that there are signs giving information about the plant life in the park. Horses seem to be allowed here, so watch where you step.

From parking lot go to the park kiosk. Take the red trail straight ahead. You’ll pass some other trails. Stay on red trail. Eventually you’ll come to a Red Cedar tree on right of trail. There is a sign on the tree indicating it’s a red cedar tree. From tree with the sign go 21 paces at 190 degrees. You’ll come to a boulder, behind it; under a pile of rocks is what you seek.

After stamping in please rehide box where you found it, hidden from view.

Now pick up red trail the way you didn’t come. Shortly you’ll come to a clearing where the red trail ends. The M orris Land Conservancy building (please respect their privacy) is on your right and to the right of that is the parking lot. Notice the sign on the brown shed; the bottom name is where the name for this box came from.