Bar bour Pond  LbNA # 21772 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2006
LocationWayne, NJ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Bar bour Pond
Wayne, NJ
Placed by Wingfoot on 04/22/06

Off of the Valley Road extension is a light for this park.

Clues: Easy
Terrain: Parking Lot
Time: 5 minutes

Please be discreet, as this is an extremely busy park, especially if there are games occurring. You may want to take the box back to your car to stamp in as you can pretty much pull right up to the hiding place.

Drive to the back of the park and look for the additional gravel parking through the gate. If the gate is closed there is a gap in the fence you can walk through. It’s to the right of the playground. There is a shooting range there. At the back of the parking lot are 11 boulders. Behind the middle boulder, under a slate rock is what you seek.

There is a walking path around the first two fields for a stroll. Additionally you may see folks flying model airplanes behind the children’s pavilion.

After stamping in please rehide box where you found it, hidden from view.