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Placed DateApr 28 2006
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Planted ByWild Rover    
Found By Bluebird
Last Found May 1 2007
Hike Distance?

HRM REX GOLIATH – Unus Magnus Pullus

Riverwalk Trail, Glastonbury

***As of 01/26/2008 this box was MISSING.***
It is either frozen in the hollow tree or missing altogether. Also, the major development of the adjacent area as a park caused the clues to be outdated, and I walked past the tree myself. Hopefully, this Spring, I will re-carve and re-plant this box, but until then it will not be available. Sorry. --WILD ROVER

It is said that around the turn of the 20th century, traveling with a Texas circus, there lived a gargantuan rooster named HRM (His Royal Majesty) Rex Goliath. A proud star of the circus, Rex Goliath was billed as the “World’s Largest Rooster” weighing in at a ‘goliath’ 47 pounds. Folks came from far and wide to behold the Giant, who proved to many that he was no ordinary farm bird. Rex patiently sat at his circus roost, gazing fondly upon his many admirers who traveled – some from across the state – to see him. A colorful poster, carefully painted in his visage, hung proudly above his throne.

The colorful legend of Rex Goliath piqued the interest and imagination of Hahn Estates. In 2002, the Rex Goliath line of wines was born, with a colorful label replicating the one of a kind vintage artwork from the circus banner that hung above Rex’s Roost. The Rex Goliath wines are crafted in Central Coast, California by winemaker Michael Kafka. The wines of HRM Rex Goliath are crafted from vineyards in Monterey County as well as those from other unique California appellations. The premium fruit under steady contract to HRM Rex Goliath ensure that the wines represent ongoing estate-bottled quality.

A bottle of HRM Rex Goliath California Cabernet Sauvignon, winner of 6 Gold Medals (including 'Best Varietal of Region' in the 2003 California State Fair) and awarded a “5-Star” rating by Restaurant Wine, will be a raffle prize at the Spring Into Boxing Gathering on May 13, 2006 in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

A bottle of HRM Rex Goliath California Merlot, voted 'One of the Top U.S. Values' by Wine Spectator magazine and winner of 7 Gold Medals (including a Double Gold and a 98 point rating at the California State Fair) will also be a raffle prize at the Spring Into Boxing Gathering.


The trailhead to the Riverwalk Trail in Glastonbury is off Main Street near the intersection with Hebron Avenue (if driving on Hebron Avenue take a left onto Main Street), just past and behind the Pig Iron bicycle shop at 2277 Main Street. There is parking near the trail head, which is clearly marked and blocked off from automobile traffic. Begin here. Be sure to bring the clues to the Poppy’s Riverside Bat House Letterbox (planted by the brownies in Glastonbury), which is a short jaunt away.


Enter the Riverwalk Trail and soon come to a clearing. Follow the gravel trail with the woods to your left and the field to your right, and soon come to a "T" with the soccer/lacrosse fields to the right (the Riverfront Community Center can be seen off in the distance). Take a hard left onto a dirt trail (not a soft left) such that the culvert for the stream is on your right side. There will soon be a cornfield on your left, and at the end of the first cornfield, directly across the trail to the right, is a small trial that leads down to a clearing toward the river. Follow this serpentine trail until it reaches the river and makes a hairpin turn to the left, with the river now on your right. To the right is the start of a wire fence that runs alongside the trail. Continue along the riverbank trail from the starting point of the fence for about 70 steps until you come to a tree arching over the trail from the right side up and over to the left. About six (6) steps before the arch is a two-sister tree to the right of the trail on the cliff of the riverbank that has the wire fence attached to it -- its right sister grows big and tall while its left sister is short and hollow. Within this hollow sister is the HRM Rex Goliath Letterbox.

Please be sure to replace the box with care. Hope you find the box, and like the stamp!!! Thanks for looking !!!! ---Wild Rover


Special thanks to MayEve and Krusty Krab for helping me yet again to plant another letterbox. The text for this letterbox was borrowed directly from the HRM Rex Goliath Winery (Hahn Estates) website at – please check out this creative and informative website, and try their great wines !!! --WR