The Dubliners' "Wild Rover" REDUX  LbNA # 21797

Placed DateApr 28 2006
LocationGlastonbury, CT
Planted ByWild Rover    
Found By The Crown Sheep
Last Found Oct 21 2012
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Addison Bog Walk, Glastonbury

The first “Dubliners’ Wild Rover Letterbox” was planted behind the East Hartford Middle School on the Hockanum River Linear Trail, and was flooded repeatedly before either being taken or floating away. Like the original the REDUX is a carving of a Celtic hound, befitting to an Irish Rover, although this is a completely new and different stamp. Also, like the original, the REDUX is planted behind a middle school, only this time in Glastonbury. I hope you find it, like it and enjoy it !!! --WR

I've been a Wild Rover for manys a year,
And I've spent all me money on whiskey and beer,
But now I'm returning with gold in great store,
And I never will play the Wild Rover no more.

And it's no, nay, never [clap-clap-clap-clap]
No, nay, never, no more,
Will I play the Wild Rover
No never, no more.

I went down to an ale house I used to frequent,
And I told the landlady my money’s all spent.
I asked her for credit, but she answered me "Nay.
Such a custom as yours I could have any day."


I took from my pocket ten sovereigns bright,
And the landlady's eyes opened wide with delight,
She said, "I have whiskeys and the wines of the best,
And the words that you told me were only in jest."


I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done,
And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son.
And when they’ve caressed me as ofttimes before,
Then I never will play the Wild Rover no more!


Written by: THE DUBLINERS. Adapted, possibly, from folk tunes dating back to the 17th century, "Wild Rover" has been performed by every Irish band/musician that ever played a note, including Shane MacGowan, The Pogues, The Popes, U2, Dropkick Murphys, Black 47, et al. The greatest Irish pub song of all times (inching out "Whiskey In The Jar" and "Rocky Road To Dublin"), it has been hailed as "Ireland's Second National Anthem."

Good luck, and thanks for looking! ---Wild Rover


The Addison Bog Walk is located behind Smith Middle School on Addison Road in Glastonbury, near its intersection with Eastern Boulevard. Drive as far behind the school as you can go, past the soccer fields, and nearby to the baseball fields is the trailhead to the Addison Bog Walk. There is plenty of parking. Begin here. Also, don’t forget to bring the clues to the Buggy Bog’s Brownie Boxes series which is found along this loop trail.


At the very end of the last parking lot, near the baseball field, is the Addison Bog Trail. Use the "center" entrance, on the other side of the tiny log bridge, and enter the woods at the blue/white/blue trail marked with a sign on a tree reading "Addison Bog Walk 1 mi. Loop." Very shortly the trail comes to a clearing and turns left along the power lines, then after a brief walk turns to the right back into the woods. Continue on the blue/white/blue trail and soon come to a place with logs piled on both sides of the trail. To the left of the trail at the log pile there is a tall man (20 feet?) whose lower stump is mossy green. Stand on the trail with the tall man directly to your left and take a compass reading of 130 (about 2:00 o'clock) and follow the reading across the trail to a four-sister tree behind the log pile. These four sisters collectively guard the Dubliners' "Wild Rover" REDUX Letterbox.


Thanks are extended to my sister MayEve and to my daughter Krusty Krab for once again helping me to plant another letterbox. Also, thanks to the Town of Glastonbury for its wonderful pamphlet of trails in town, Glastonbury Walks, available at Town Hall. I hope you find it, like it and enjoy it! ---WR