Little Drummer Boy (1812)  LbNA # 21808

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateApr 29 2006
LocationMcArthur, OH
Found By Spurtle2
Last Found Aug 18 2007
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Difficulty: easy
Handicap accessible, may possibly need a helper due to wet conditions at road.

*** This road is a dead end (no pun intended.) that stops at a residence so I would advise parking in the road and moving if needed or parking at the bottom near the culvert and walking up to the site. While I managed to drive into the area, I would advise that you do not since this cemetery, while mowed, is not maintained.***

Location: Stevens Cemetery, also called Robb-Stevens or Robb.

This box dedicated to two of my direct ancestors out of the many relatives I have in this cemetery, it’s directed to one in particular, Aquilla Webb, the Little Drummer Boy of Charlestown Virginia, War of 1812.

Aquilla Webb was a wagon maker and farmer in Vinton County during the 19th century when a wagon was as important to the folks as a truck is to us today. My information about him comes directly from a portion his obituary:

Departed this life last Sunday
July 18th, Aquilla Webb, aged 83
years 4 months.
Mr. Aquilla Webb was born in the State of Maryland, on March 3d. 1800. Having lost his mother in his tender years, he was subsequently at the age of three years, bound out to a family at Charlestown, Jefferson Co., Virginia, where he learned the trade of wagon maker, and remained to his twenty -first
Year. After such time he made a journey on foot to the State of Ohio, where he has remained ever since. In the year 1838 he bought a farm in Elk township, Vinton county, and married Miss Maria Stevens, who died last February. He moved to the neighborhood, about 3 miles from Zaleski about 1853, and during the last two years he has resided at Zaleski, where he died. He had nine children, seven of whom are living.

His father was a soldier in the revolutionary war, and served in the body guard of General Washington, and was honorably discharged at the end of the war in the war of 1812 Mr. A. Webb attested even then his patriotism by beating the drum for the recruiting officer at Charlestown, notwithstanding his early youth would have joined the army himself, had it not been for the interference of his foster-father. At the time of the Mexican War he was on the point of enlisting but for turn in the fortune of war and the subsequent peace. *Rest removed for brevity*

I can imagine a young boy beating a drum outside a recruitment office, hence the stamp and title of this memorial box.

On State route 93 about 1.5 miles north of McArthur, locate County road 23, it’s located on the West side of 93. Drive along this county road for 3.2 miles to a small gravel township road number 3 on the north side of CR 23. The cemetery is just .1 tenth of a mile on the left. It’s a difficult area to park so use caution.

Enter the cemetery and follow the fence 30 paces up past the large maple tree until you reach the grave of Zachariah Stevens and Rebecca Jane Nixon Stevens (Visit ‘Humble Beginnings’ to see Rebecca’s relatives.) After you’ve located this stone, look diagonally across the cemetery 21 paces to the similar stone at the far end. This is the grave of Aquilla Webb and Mariah Stevens Webb , Sister and brother-in-law of Zachariah Stevens. Head over to that stone.

If you notice, you will see that many of these are family plots of relatives of the two mentioned people as the land was owned and donated by Zachariah Stevens who lived nearby.

Little Drummer Boy is located between the stones at the grave of Leo Webb that is located beside Aquilla.