Brer Rabbit's Old Tricks  LbNA # 21824 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 30 2006
CountySanta Clara
LocationSan Jose, CA
Planted ByDem XX Men    
Found By Cellissimo
Last Found May 6 2006
Hike Distance?

Brer Rabbit is up to his usual shenanigans. This time, he stole Brer Fox's letterboxes and hid them all over Hellyer Park in the Coyote Creek Chain. Once you get to Hellyer Park, find the bike trail that wends along the creek. Your search starts at the hollow stump near barbecue pit number 4. Proceed south along the path.

Box #1: Brer Rabbit
Brer Rabbit is a sneaky fellow, one who is constantly outsmarting poor old Brer Fox. He hid himself away somewhere safe to look over his lovely new letterboxes.

Once you're below sight of the parking lot and picnicers, go past the first dirt trail that leads down from the parking lot (you should be able to see the bathrooms up above).

Continue until you see a small brick wall on your left.

Sit on the northwest end of the wall facing the creek.

Go 10.5 paces (a left AND a right) at 3:00. Go up and around landmark found on your right. As you come back around, continue towards landmark of similar persuasion exactly opposite.

Put this landmark on your left. Proceed 8 paces forward to new landmark (again, of similar type; rabbits are not very creative).

Stand with back to this landmark.

Look to 11:00: 1 big tree.
Look to 2:30: several trees. Take 9 paces towards trees.

Stand on your head. Near your nose under some bark in a little (rabbit?) hole is where Brer Rabbit hid the first box.

Box #2: Brer Fox
Brer Rabbit is so wiley, so crafty and clever, that he was actually able to STEAL Brer Fox's shadow from Brer Fox and hide it away.

Remember that little brick wall? Start at the southeast end of it and continue on trail up incline. You'll see interesting art on your left.

Continue for quite some time until you go under the freeway.

At the 1 mile marker on path, veer left, go uphill towards large toyon tree with a rotten log in front of it.

Climb the very climable tree (did you know foxes can climb trees? It's true).

Carry on on little rabbit path away from freeway (rabbits + freeway = roadkill) to the right of the toyon tree.

Go back downhill.

Continue east on trail until you see a pullout on the righthand side of the path. Look at gnarly tree on left hanging over the path.

Inspect roots closely for letterbox #2. Careful! Many bikers on path and many prickly plants near roots!

Box #3: 2 Brers
You may continue as far as you like along the path, but Brer Rabbit was getting tired at this point and was longing for his little rabbit hole and seeing all of his children at this point, so he turned around and went back.

On your way back, stop at the 14.5 mile marker. Count paces from marker to stump westward. Remember this number.

Continue westward on trail. Count the number of large boulders nearest to trail between mile marker and freeway. (Rabbits can only count to about five, so you don't have to remember large numbers).

Just before you get back to the freeway, a grassy path uphill to the right leads you to the disc golf course.

Add the two numbers you are remembering (hopefully), and find the tee pad on the course with the corresponding number. This was difficult math for Brer Rabbit because rabbits are better at multiplying.

Sit on the log found there facing south. Look in the bushes you see.

Hopefully you have helped out unfortunate Brer Fox in regaining his letterboxes.

Parking is free if you continue on Hellyer Ave. PAST the park into the residential area. Otherwise, it's $5.
All but the last letterbox is wheelchair accessible with some help in retrieving them.
Dogs and bicycles O.K.!
Bring bug repellent.

Found by:
Cellissimo 05/06/06