Chillicothe Manor Series  LbNA # 21849

Placed DateApr 30 2006
LocationManor Park, Chillicothe, OH
Found By R-gang
Last Found Aug 21 2013
Hike Distance?

BRAND NEW CLUES! This small park-Chillicothe Manor Park-is in a housing developement north of town.On your way you might want to grab a burger for later.Take street between Burger King & AT&T making a continuous left thru the developement til you reach the park in the back of hosing division.Look for the 3 pine trees in the SE corner.Between the 2nd & 3rd trees on a branch about eye level you'll find "Fox in a Hole" From there come back to the shelter house & walk to the small wall.Slip behind the trees & in #5 you will find "Swing in a High Manor"Standing beside this tree take a reading of 225* & walk across the field to the last 2 trees in the treeline at the end of the golf course road.Look for "A Feathered Friend" in the 2nd tree.