Farmers Hall  LbNA # 21890

Placed DateMay 2 2006
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 26 2014
Hike Distance?

In 1682 William Evans,his wife Jean, and their 3 children. Made the voyage from Wales to settle along the Rancocas Creek. Although William Evans died in 1688, his namesake son continued to play a significant role in the settlement of this town. William bought 300 acres of land at the "Site of the Mount", which is the hill that this town is named after. At the foot of this hill is a Farmers Hall that was built in 1866.

Park in the lot, walk to the back and up the stone driveway. This is a state park, the no tresspassing signs are for the radio tower at the top of the hill. Please do not climb the fence or enter the gated area.
Walk up the driveway.
at the top of the hill you will see a large tree with a double trunk, shaped like a V.
Stand with your back in the V (the tower should be behind you). Find a tree at 86*, go to that tree, your trail starts here.
Start your walk down the trail, you will step over your first fallen log. Keep going down the hill, till you see a large downed tree on your right.Pay no attention to that tree with the white arrows, this is not the tree you are looking for.
As you step over the second downed tree, stop at the dead tree, that is hollowed out (to your left) Site 2 trees with white blazes at 156* walk to those trees.
stay on this trail, it will turn right, see the tree with the white arrow. You are on the right path.
The path starts going back up hill, as you get near the top, the trail will turn left. See the small tree with the white blaze? You are in the right spot. If you are here in the spring, did you notice the Mountain Laurel? From this small tree, straight ahead of you, you will see a double tree with a giant cement block behind it.The box you are looking for is in this area. It is a small box, that can fit into a small area.
Thank you for stamping in, please return everthing to its bags. Please return the box to it's hiding spot and cover well.

Hope you enjoyed finding our first box. Thank you, The Sauntering VII.