Hobo Signs: Gentleman  LbNA # 21895 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 26 2006
LocationDenver, CO
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By preboxed
Last Found Apr 30 2006
Hike Distance?

(7/2006: The gentlemen didn't last long in his high-traffic hiding place. So he's been archived, I'm afraid.)

Another in our series of Hobo Signs boxes at railroad-related locations. This sign told other hobos that a "gentleman" could be found here.

Hop on the free-ride bus down on the 16th street pedestrian mall and get off on Wynkoop or stay all the way to Union Station. Either way, enter the front entrance of Union Station, and notice the rows of massive wooden benches where passengers wait. Walk to the second bench and sit about three feet from the end with your back to the main entrance.

Casually bend down to tie your shoe or somesuch and reach back under your seat. The box is in a film canister that is velcroed to the backside of the bench on the bottom. Find somewhere out of sight to stamp in, then replace the box.

(While you're in the station, be sure to visit "Rocky Mountain Choo Choo" by Treasure Finders.)

Take the bus back to 16th and Welton, where you can begin Big Kansas.