Dutch Treats  LbNA # 21913 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 30 2006
CountyOther International
LocationAmsterdam, INT
Found By Sasquatch
Last Found Sep 21 2012
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Note: As of 11-02-13, all boxes are confirmed missing. We will try and replce when we come back, which may not be for a couple of years. Please try our Dutch Red and Blue Chair. It awaits finders!

We love Holland and visit about every two years. This series is located in the Het Gooi area of Holland, about a half hour east of Amsterdam. We’re sure you will enjoy a trip to the small towns of Blaricum, Laren, and Eemnes. Take the A1 east from Amsterdam and exit at the Huizen/Blaricum exit or the following one for Laren. If you are not familiar with the area, pick up a detailed map at a local bookstore. This series celebrates things we love about Holland.

Box One - Contented Cows
This box is located near the town of Eemnes on the Zuidersingel. Near town, and near Laren, there are two roundabouts, both of which have a cow or cows in the center. Between the two roundabouts there is a small parking lot. Find the NW corner of the lot and right in front of you, as you face the fence, there is a maple tree with a split trunk. You will find a contented cow in the crook of the trunk.

Box Two - Wind and Weather
To find this box, make your way to the Protestant Church in Blaricum on the Noolseweg. You’ll know it’s the Protestant Church by the rooster on top of the steeple – Catholic churches have crosses on top. Anyway, stand near the front doors of the church and face due west. Across the street is a field/parking area. Look across the field and find a gray electric box near the fence. A Holland icon awaits you there.

Box Three - Heath and Heather
This third box is located in one of our favorite places in Holland – in the Goois Natuurreservaat (Goois Nature Preserve) near Blaricum and Laren. There is a large heath (the Norderhei) covered by acres and acres of heather, and if you’re lucky enough to be here in the fall, the heather will be in bloom. First, find the Tafelberg Restaurant, which any local can help you find, but it is right on the edge of the Preserve. Next, take the path by the restaurant that leads you to the Schaaps Kooi (Sheep Stable). From the information bulletin board in front of the Sheep Stable, walk 70 steps (1 footfall to a step) NW at 330 degrees and find a beech tree with many trunks. Under the letterboxers teepee in the crook of the correct tree you’ll find the box with a stamp of a couple of Dutch treats.

If you have time, enjoy a meal at the Tafelberg Resaturant. It is open 7 days a week, 9am to midnight and has beautiful outside pavilions that overlook the heath, kickballs for the kids to play with, and lots of cozy charm. There is space to park your car, bike, or horse.

We hope you enjoy your time here. Write to us at girlguides@verizon.net and let us know how the box is doing.