The Table  LbNA # 2195

Placed DateMay 1 2003
CountyNew Haven
LocationHamden, CT
Found By a knitwit
Last Found Sep 12 2017
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 10 2015

The Table Letterboxes

(Hamden, Connecticut)

Placed by Butterfly
Number of boxes -six
Date- March 28-2003
Sleeping Giant State Park
Note: Maps of the Sleeping Giant are at both East and West trail boards of the Giant.

The eastern end is the main gate with parking, pavilions and picnic tables. During summer months, a fee is charges as in all State Parks. Free parking is at all of the red trails on both north and south sides and on Chestnut Lane at the Trail Heads on the eastern end.

Sleeping Giant State Park The Table
The story :Will the table be Big enough?? That is what everyone wanted to know. Butterfly tried to assure them that it is huge. For this gathering of friends, a large table was needed. Bluebird coming from the East and carrying the Welcome Banner in her beak, swooped up the switchback on her way to visit Hezekial. A lovely blue feather drifted down and match the trail below. It slowly settled just below the switchback.

----The clue : Just before the climb up the switchback, stop at a blue blazed three sister tree with one sister passed on. Count 28 steps at 120 degrees to a three sister oak tree. Bluebirds feather letterbox can be found in its arms. Stamp in and cover the box well.

The Necklace
The story: At the top of the knob Bluebird rested to chat with Hezekial in the shade of a Cedar Tree. Meanwhile, Aili and Bruce just back from a trip to Camelot, were planning to meet their friend The Green Knight on the trail as they waited for Merlin to join them from the Grotto. They were all going to travel to the gather together. Chatting and showing the newest jewelry from Camelot, they began the climb up the yellow cross over trail and turned east onto the Orange trail, a favorite because their tower could be seen from several view points. The did not notice the porcupine tree snag a necklace.

-----.The Clue: On the Orange trail after viewing the tower over your left shoulder several times, enter a small grove of Hemlock trees. In about 12 steps the trail bends right up a small rocky climb with a large dead pine tree on the left side of the trail. Like a huge porcupine, under the tree in a rocky cave is the Necklace Letterbox. Cover it well.

The Water Jug
The Story: Getting to the Cascades early to fill bottles with cool water for the gather. Lobsta Lady shouldered her usual packed knapsack and began the climb up to meet the others at the crossroads . The plan was to all meet at the intersection , and it was a long walk. Crossing a wooden plank bridge over the Cascades awhile before reaching the violet trail, she stopped for a water break and hearing the laughter up ahead, left her Jug of water behind as she rushed to catch up.

The Clue: After crossing the wooden plank bridge over the cascades, count just about 100 steps .The cascades are on the right and a 3 sister oak grows just off trail on the left before a small laurel grove. It holds the Water Jug Letterbox. Make sure it is well covered

The Quartz Rock
The Story: The laughter was from the Drew Clan. they had arrived the day before to spend the night camping at their friend Ned's cabin. Now as they prepared to break camp and head out to the gather, the box of quartz rocks was getting heavy. Jay wanted to show off the new collection of quartz he had recently been gifted and Merlin was an expert on Quartz The two would have their heads together all too soon. Just East of the cabin, Tumble tumble, out tumbled a piece of quartz and no one even heard it fall.

-----The Clue: At the smooth rock on the Giants right leg, [east of Ned's Cabin for those who have been there!!] There at a small group of 3 pine trees. Atop of the bald rocks is a pipe imbedded in a rock. Stand next to the pipe and turn North , take 2 steps and under a flat top rock is the Quartz Rock Letterbox. Hide this one really well.

Angel's Letterbox with Bear's Gift
The story: Angel had been invited to join the group and she flew in from the west to The Bear's hiding spot to gather some of his gift to share. As she always carries angel Dust, she sprinkled it on the tree tops along the way. Just before reaching the Bear, she stopped at the spring for a cool drink and left some angel dust for a thank you . look

-----The clue: At the source of the spring on the White Trail where the Blue Crossover Trail begins. Stand on the rock with a white arrow which has points on both ends. Face 70 degrees and take eleven steps up and over rocks to find a rock trilogy. Angels Letterbox with Bears Gift is deep in the crevice. Hide it back well.

Bluebird's Welcome
The story and last clue: Excitement now was in the air as the friends neared the Table that Butterfly had scouted out for the gather. At last, they arrived at the intersection of Orange and The Red Circle. Giving greetings and hugs all around , down the red dot they marched getting hungry for the feast. Oh, oh, the table is Huge. They arrived at last and found the table to be just right. and there was Bluebird swooping around with the Welcome Banner.

Clue On the Red Circle Trail between the White and Orange trail crossings, is a large, large, flat hunk of trap rock This is our Table. Stand at the north [front]corner and go about18 steps over smaller rocks to a large flat top rock with green hair [ferns] Bluebirds Welcome Letterbox is tucked underneath. With all the feasting and visiting finished , the friends traveled east on the White Trail ,or north on the red circle, or west on the orange, watching the map well to return home.

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