Dead Man's Party  LbNA # 21965

Placed DateMay 6 2006
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationPaso Robles, CA
Planted Bymonotonia    
Found By jrl8121
Last Found Jun 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Drive to the Paso Robles Cemetary (from the South, exit at Hwy 46 East, then turn LEFT under the freeway and continue on 24th street until it turns into Nacimiento Lake Road, at the Y you will see the big sign, go straight into the cemetary) and park near the flagpole. From the flagpole, walk up the paved road to the right of the mausoleom and follow the road to the Brown Family.
Turn right and walk to the Kuehl stone. From there turn to look at Freeman's cow (ahead and to the right). What you seek is in the same direction as you are now facing. Walk in that direction and keep walking until you pass the stone of a great hotel family, the daughter-heiress of which is named for a city in France; keep walking and you will see a stone named for a famous musician who is buried in a cemetary in that city. Pass this stone and head for the tall obelisk surrounded by a fence. Just beyond this is a tree, like a giant hand reaching out of the ground. In the palm of the hand you will find the party!