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Hello Hollywood  LbNA # 21989 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 22 2006
LocationHollywood, FL
Planted BySunshine 392    
Found By Boony
Last Found Jul 11 2007
Hike Distance?

Hello Hollywood

John Williams Park is located on the north side of Sheridan Street, about three miles west of Interstate 95 and just west of US 441. It is a neighborhood park which contains a hammock of trees that provide refuge for birds, squirrels and other wildlife in the middle of a very commercial area. It's a nice spot for a picnic, a playground and a little walk.

Hello, Hollywood!

Enter the park,well before dark.
Pass the wildlife sign, walk in a straight line.

To your left on the way,
The children can play.

On the right you see a campfire ring,
Through that clearing, you should spring.

Back on the path,near the vertical curl,
Head to the east whether boy or girl.

To the left, a tipsy trash can stood,
To the right, a platform made of wood.

On the ground are scattered lots of sticks,
Look on the right to find post number 6.

At post #6, take 30 paces along the path,
Carefully now, just a little math.

Turn right at the fence that forms a V.
It's made that way because of a tree.

Ahead you will see a large oak tree with a palmetto as its neighbor,
Look at the base on the south side of the tree and there will end your labor.