Class of '99  LbNA # 22060

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 9 2006
LocationLondon, OH
Found By Stampy
Last Found Sep 13 2015
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Difficulty: Easy
Handicap acessible with a helper.

Dedicated to Guy Toland Butler and the Class of 1899, Williams College, Massachusetts .

Many years ago when I was living in Madison County, I entered a small ‘junk’ shop ran by a Mr. and Mrs. Davis. I came upon an old yearbook that had belonged to a Guy Butler of London and I was very pleased to lay down the mere $2 for such a treasure.

I was always curious about the men pictured inside..the men in those high button collars and period suits. It wasn’t until last year that I obtained about 100 pages of articles and obituaries for many of those men from the Williams College archives.

An internet search brought up the exact cemetery outside of London where this Butler family now rests.


From London, travel West on U.S. 42 for about 2 miles to Kirkwood cemetery and enter the second entrance on the Right side of the highway. Follow the center road all the way to the back of the cemetery past the 1881 mausoleum all the way to the right and stop at a Large pine tree with a trash can beside it.

Park here under the tree and walk across the road up the hill at a 230 degree angle to the massive brown stone based monument that is topped by the equally massive Urn. This is the Toland-Butler family plot. Admire the monument and the achievements of those mentioned on the engraving. The urn seems to be missing something from the top.

Walk around to the other side and pay tribute to Guy Butler, the owner of my College Yearbook and graduate of the Columbus Latin Academy and Williams, class of ‘99.

5 paces at 90 degrees to the stump half of a double pine tree. The prize and tribute are under the living portion of the tree.

London Courthouse should also be visible over the Highway salt barn a little more to the NE of this tree. A man was on top of the Courthouse steeple when I was driving by. If you drive around certain streets of London, you will see some stone works as part of the landscape, these stone works were part of the courthouse until parts were destroyed by the same tornados and badly damaged Xenia.