The North Novas  LbNA # 22066

Placed DateMay 7 2006
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationTruro, NVA
Found By 3 M's
Last Found Jul 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Degree of Difficulty – moderate.
Distance – 1.6 km/1 mi
Est. Time – 30 minutes.
Terrain – dirt trail, some boardwalk, some slairs.
Accessibility – If planning to visit this and the Jacob's Ladder box, please contact me for an alternate routing.

**Found alive and well 1 Aug 2009!***

The North Nova Scotia Highlanders were a militia unit created in 1939, just after the start of World War II. They drew their men from Colchester and Hants counties, including the Town of Truro. They served with distinction in Europe throughout the War. Their nickname was the North Novies. Many members of the Regiment were trained in nearby Camp Debert. The regiment was again returned to reserve status in 1946. Today, the regiment survives as the 1st Battalion, Nova Scotia Highlanders (North). In May, 2014 The Regiment received the "Afghanistan" Battle Honour, for distinguished service in South West Asia.

My father was a paperboy at the camp, then joined the North Novas as a bagpiper in about 1947. The stamp is Mrs Jiggs' rendition of his cap badge.

To the Box:

The LB is located in Victoria Park in Truro. This is a fabulous park situated right in Truro, and offers a variety of outdoor activities, including a swimming pool and about 20km of trails. To find Victoria Park, take TC 102 and exit at Truro Heights Road (exit 13). Follow Truro Heights Rd E until you reach a T intersection with Willow St. Follow Willow to the left. Look for the Best Western Glengarry Inn. Turn right on Arthur st. You will also see small blue and white Victoria Park signs. Follow these. Turn right onto Park St. Follow the road into the parking lot and park close to the end, by the trail map sign. Head off on the trail towards the ravine ahead. Stay to your right. You'll soon pass a Hot Coals pit on your right side. Cross the bridge straight ahead, with the waterfall on your right. You'll soon come to and cross another bridge. Jacob's Ladder will be off to your right. Follow the trail past the ladder. (If you haven't already, you can pick up Jacob's Ladder LB, then descend the stairs and continue on). You'll see another bridge to Cathedral Dell, and the bottom terrace to Waddell's Falls. At the cairn, take the left trail (the right trail loops around and takes you back the way you came). There are stone steps down so if you wish you can dip your feet in the water here! After your break, continue up the stairs for 54 steps. At the landing, take the left path. 38 steps down this trail look up the incline. The North Novas are resting in the hollow of the stump, under debris and moss.

Please be very discreet when retrieving and rehiding the box, as the stump is visible from both upper and lower trails. There is a bench a short distance up the path.

Once you stamp in continue following this path. You'll soon come to a fork, Take the gravel path to the right. This will take you to the pavement. Follow this to the main parking area and your car.

The left path will take you to Jacob's Ladder,where you can descend to the ravine floor and retrace your path to the parking lot.

Please bring your own ink and pen.

Have fun, eh?