Citizen Kane's Quest...Perhaps?  LbNA # 22080

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 10 2006
LocationMt. Sterling., OH
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Oct 13 2012
Hike Distance?

Located at Deer Creek State Park.
Difficulty: Easy.
Handicap accessible with a helper.
Citizen Kane’s Quest…Perhaps?

Locate the U.S Army corps of Engineers overlook park office parking lot next to the Deer Creek dam, it’s the place with the radio tower and flagpole.

Park at the end farthest from the office close to the park map board. From this board, walk towards the three benches at the circle end of a sidewalk.

300 degrees from the center bench you will see a cedar tree just past the mowed area of this park. Walk over towards this tree and observe the large trees that washed up here during the Spring floods of 2005 when the water was 40 feet above Summer level. I wanted to install an ornament box inside this cedar but poison ivy at it’s accessible side prevented this. Also consider the possible water depth if planting boxes near this lake.

From the area of the cedar tree at 130 degrees, look up onto the guard rail portion of the dam road. A park information sign is located here beside the rail which says “The best of all worlds” and illustrates the area the lake now covers. sign will be barely visible through tree. *** (The signs have been removed but the black square posts remain, you want the second post from the road.)***

Walk up around the guard rail to the top of the road, “Rose Bud” will be a couple steps beyond the rail directly in front of the sign post and also in front of a nice fossil covered piece of limestone under a couple pieces of rocks in a round black tube. ** The rocks have been scattered about so the nice huge fossil is not present. Instead, look a few inches to the right of the post around a large limestone rock, I placed a large chunk of concrete in front of this rock with some smaller pieces of concrete around the box.*** You may have to dig under a few rocks since the box was exposed by poor re-hiding and the posts have been vandalized during the past few months.

Check out the fossil specimens in some of the limestone riprap. Re-hide as found or better and report your finds.