Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page Snoop Sisters Trail  LbNA # 22086

OwnerLavender and Lace    
Placed DateMay 10 2006
LocationCharleston, SC
Found By Hound Dawgs
Last Found Jul 27 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 18 2015

Start at the "Four Corners of the Law" in downtown Charleston, "the only intersection in the United States where a person can get married, get divorced, get their mail or go to jail."

With the Post Office on your right walk throught the four pillars of St. Michael's Church heading south. Make sure you take a look in the church and graveyard. Turn left onto "the saints alley" and walk until you get to the street of worship. Turn right and continue past the four quaint Victorian homes to the gate with the yellow posts between #91 and #93. Enter through the gate and follow the narrow path to the end. When your feet touch cement, look to your right for BOX #1 that lives under "20".

After you hide the box again, continue through the secret parking lot and follow the lane where ropes where made until you come to the sidewalk. Note the name of the lane on the brick wall to your right when you arrive at the street of gatherings. Cross the street to 63 and go left past the house with six pillers and a red door and past the church founded in 1731. After Nathaniel's house the "Price" is right and that's the way you turn. At the one-way sign, go the wrong way. Turn left on the street that rhymes with lad. This street was named after the first baby born in Charleston. You will find BOX #2 at 105. Go down the dirt driveway and what you seek is at the front corner of the house under the downspout.

Continue down the street for BOX #3. Pass a dragons' gate on your left and keep walking until you see four pineapples and then two avocadoes on your right. Go between the two avocado posts. Box #3 is hidden at the base of the middle palmetto tree before you get to the house.

Hope you enjoyed this trail of history.

Sorry all of the hand carved stamps are backwards! It was my first attempt at carving!