4 Jacks  LbNA # 22114

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 10 2006
LocationMt. Sterling., OH
Found By Capt. Sparrow's Team
Last Found Aug 19 2010
Hike Distance?

Located at Deer Creek State Park.
Difficulty: Easy.
Handicap accessible : Only box 1 is accessible.

This is a 4 box series that will take you around the lake beginning a counter-clockwise trip.

Box 2 is missing, all other boxes ok as of 4/15/07.
Box 1:

While not likely to encounter this ‘Jack’ in such a young woods, enjoy the stamp.

On route 207 drive to a park road opposite Post Road, it will be opposite a hilltop park building and will be beside a couple park signs. This road intersects with the old pre-lake route 207. Watch traffic and exit the blacktop onto the gravel road that leads to the creek.

Half way down this dead end road, you will see a row of hedge apple trees (Osage Orange for you city slickers.) Stop at the end of this row at the top of a slight decline. Many of these trees will be have stumps around them as they were cut down during the summer of 1989 and have re-grown from the bases.

Count out 28 paces from the largest tree near the end. This ‘Jack’ will be a few steps of the road under some branches and rocks nestled in some rotten wood chips.

Re-hide as found or better.

Box 2:
***Number two was confirmed missing as of 4/15/07***

Continue down 207 to Crownover Mill road and turn left onto this road which runs past the dam, check out my box ‘Citizen Kane’s Quest…Perhaps?’ near here. You will want to turn left again onto Deer Creek road.

Enter the Harding Cabin road and check out ‘Presidential Timber’ which is located off trail in the fast growing weeds.

Park in the lot and locate “Ghost Tree Swamp Trail” across a new boat ramp access road (Under construction at this time). Enter the woods and turn right walking past the glacier erratic along the trail, continue on to a small wooden bridge and stop at the farthest end. This is where the trail has been recently changed and where it joins the horse trail. Do not go down the new trail, it was built to avoid a couple of damaged bridges but leads into a large poison Ivy patch that sprouted after the trail was started.

Ignore the new hiking signs at the split and walk 13 paces up hill on the horse trail.

Turn on to a deer trail between the cedars at 300 degrees and walk 13 paces.

This ‘Jack’ is located at the base of a small cedar that is surrounded by Yucca plants. Park trails may change without notice as area is under construction.

Yucca is what Mom always called these plants that are seen around old houses and in cemeteries. These plants have a massive root bulb and produce a flower spike out of the center which develops into 3 cell seed pods. The seeds are little black flat disks that are stacked in each cell. I’ve never found a pod that wasn’t destroyed by insect larvae. If you have a correct name for these plants, let me know.

Re-hide as found or better.

Box 3:

Head back to the main road and continue around the lake to the Lodge entrance. Drive all the way to the back and pass the cabin road on the right into the next lot on the right.

You will park with the ball diamond in front of you.

You will see a sign for the Ridge Trail (follow directions for this trail if you seek the box on that one). Walk across grass, across the road and look for the Lake View trail off to the left of Ridge trail. My first box trip took me to this trail as I went down Lake instead of Ridge and spent awhile looking on the wrong trail. Both trails sort of meet with deer trails running between them.

Notice the chain-link backstop on your left, you will be seeing it later.

Follow Lake View Trail all the way to the lake ignoring any other deer trail which leads off to the sides.

Continue as the trail leads past open grassy areas to the right and on past several more exits that lead down to the lake.

As the trail approaches some Oaks lining a ravine, it will turn back to the left.

As you walk with your back now to the lake, take the first right exit from the main trail.

Walk 17 paces to where the trail stops.

This ‘Jack’ is on the left at the base of a Honey Locust on the rim of the ravine under a piece of tin and limbs. This ‘Jack’ is a nickname for a common woods item if you are confused.

Be careful of thorns on tree, most have been knocked off by ‘someone’…

Return to main trail and continue back to lot. There was a water puddle in the trail towards the end so I walked around it on a deer trail. You will exit onto the ball field with the backstop across the lawn. Use this landmark as a reference point.

Re-hide as found or better.

Box 4:

In the same area, dive over to the other side of the lot area and locate the Rolling Hills trail head beside the tennis courts.

Follow this trail until it is crossed by the Rich Van Horn nature trail.

Follow Van Horn as he leads you to the left.

Follow this trail all the way around past a pond on the left and observe the bench on the other side on Woodchuck Trail, there will be a deer trail that leads over that way at the end of the pond. It’s a nice short cut to a box “Woodchuck Trail” planted over that way .

Continue on Van Horn past the pond and keep walking until you see a park info sign on the left that tells you about Silver Maples and rain.

Put your back to the sign and walk 16 paces at 10 degrees to this ‘Jack’ which resides in the center of some maple trees under branches.

If you continue a few more degrees, you will run into Rolling Hills trail and you can walk way down this trail to the ‘Rolling Hills’ Letter box behind the nearest bench.

Re-hide as found or better.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the 4 Jacks!