Walk A Mile…Perhaps?  LbNA # 22127 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 11 2006
LocationCircleville, OH
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Oct 28 2007
Hike Distance?

Walk A Mile…Perhaps?

Location: A. W. Marion State Park.
Difficulty: Medium
Not handicap accessible.
Distance: at least a mile.
No compass needed..I forgot mine in the truck...LOL.

A.W. Marion State Park contains Hargus Lake and is off of U.S. State Rd. 22.

Enter the park and turn to the right and park nearest the monument dedicated to Mr. Marion.

Walk out onto the gravel path across the dam of the lake until you reach the concrete spillway valve located at the lake shore.

Align the metal pipe in the top of the control with the radio tower in the distance across the lake. The alignment should meet the shore line on the right of the lake. That will be your target area.

Walk all the way across the dam and on around the Hargus Lake perimeter trail following the blue blazes.

You will follow the lake shore closely until it begins to ascend the hill side and turns away from the lake slightly.

Once you find a log across the path, count 44 paces up the trail to a spiral metal culvert pipe that crosses under the trail.

53 paces brings you to the second pipe.

30 more paces brings you to a point between two young trees, one is a Shagbark Hickory and the left one has a blue blaze on it.

22 more paces brings you to a point in the trail where a nice sling-shot forked Hickory will be 6 paces off the trail on the right.

Continue past the Hickory to the log on the right and find 'Walk a mile __ ___________ _____' at it’s base under leaves, sticks, bark and rocks.

Replace as found or better.

If you continue down the trail, go past the small cliff, walk down the other side and look at the rock strata and how the rocks split apart.