Trout Lily IALC exchange  LbNA # 22135

Placed DateApr 2 2006
LocationCamden, ME
Planted Byphyto    
Found By phynstar
Last Found Jul 19 2012
Hike Distance?

A Springchick box placed by Phyto as part of the International Art-Girls Letterboxing Cabal Exchange.

To find this box, you must find a way into Nature. Once you have done that you must head towards the open field. Take your 1st right fork. The trail will fork again to the left (leading to the arboretum) but take the path to your right.

Continue into the woods. Shortly on your right, look down below to view an unusual flowing cistern. At the wooden number "3" take a right and turn again to cross the stream with a closer view of this construction. Continue on this path looking to your left for the bridge to cross and bring you back to the trail. When you emerge from the woods you will have an electrified view, turn right.

The trail will enter the woods with muddy sections after you pass the boundary marker. Cross a log bridge and continue climbing a rooty path. The trail will clear to a mostly cedar forest and it starts to climb.

From the bridge (which is six steps long if you'd like to calibrate your steps) take 70 steps forward. The trail takes a sharp left turn and then you continue 68 steps more. Look off to your left from the trail to spy a corner between the mossy rock. This would be the location of Trout Lily.

These ubiquitous small wildflowers emerge in the springtime soon after the chance of frost diminishes. They have "mottled" leaves which appear brown and green spotted. Their delicate flower heads droop down but are enhanced by their sun-shiney yellow petals. It is a sight to see fields of these little flowers alongside your trail. They are everywhere once you identify them. Usually along a muddy, marshy trail in the woods, they don't last very long - so keep your eyes out!

Once you've witnessed this wildflower, head back to the trail and go up the hill. It will loop back through a meadow and a newly established arboretum. Walk past "Bill's Birthday Bench" and then take your first left. There are many trails in this unique nature park, please plan to spend some time enjoying the wildlife.

Please contact phyto for caretaking of this box and questions regarding the clues.