Peggy Hill  LbNA # 22163

OwnerLucy Locket    
Placed DateMay 13 2006
LocationTatum, TX
Found By silverhalos
Last Found Dec 28 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is located in a park in Tatum. If you have children, take some extra time to play on the great playground in this park. Our little 'boxers love coming here! Also, be sure to look for Blue Butterfly's CATCH A FALLING STAR in the same park.


From the intersection of 43 and 149, go West on 43 for 1.1 miles. You will see the baseball fields and playground on your left. Pull in and park behind the playground.


Go North on 43 for 18.2 miles. You will see a sign on your right that says TATUM-A GOOD PLACE TO CALL HOME. The entrance to the park is just beyond this sign. Pull in and park behind the playground.

To the box-
Behind the playground is a baseball field. Go around the right side of the field to a fence on the back part of the property.

When you get to the fence, turn right and walk along the fence to the woods.

Continue along the fence line into the woods, where you will come to a wooden post. Next to it is a medium size pine tree. The box is at the base of the pine tree, directly under the wire, and between the tree and a shrubby vine (not PI!).

Here is where you will find Tom Landry Middle School's Substitute Teacher of the Year.

**Thanks to BT and LSQ for the extra TLC they gave this box! ***

Please rehide well and notify me of the status of this