Peas and Carrots  LbNA # 22174

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateMay 13 2006
LocationChillicothe, OH
Found By Mother *~* Nature
Last Found May 25 2009
Hike Distance?

Peas and Carrots .

Location: Great Seal State Park.
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: About 1/2 trail miles one way if map legends are accurate.
Theme: Two things that go together just like Peas and Carrots.

Go to the multi-use campground area set up mainly for horsemen, it’s the first left turn after you drive onto the entrance road off Marietta road and is through a pair of seasonal gates.

Park close to the shelter house but allow room for the large trailers to get through the service pull off.

Locate the trail head up Sugarloaf mountain located where the road circle meets. There is a shortcut from behind camp #3 horse tie ups.

Follow this sometimes muddy trail all the way up the hillside to a trail sign where you have a choice of going up to the left or going right all the way back to the Ireland picnic sites.

These boxes may be reached from the Ireland site if you visit at a time when the horse area gate is closed. This trail head from Ireland will be up the hill along the disk golf course and will have a sign pointing to the camp / picnic area.

Box 1

Take the left yellow loop from the sign and start watching the small intervals between the little hills and ditches. 30 paces, 25 paces, 17 paces and finally 60 paces to where a railroad tie fence post stands a couple steps from the trail on the left.

* When visiting the H.H.Hostel near this spot, please observe the rules for this box posted under 'Great Seal Hitch Hiker Hostel'.

From this post, continue down the trail at about 100 paces until you are near the bottom, here you will see a three-trunk Shagbark Hickory tree with a small rock at the base.

Put your back to the largest trunk and look back up hill and see another twin-trunk hickory through the forks of a tree at 278*.

Go to that Hickory and go around the downed fence wire and find this ‘Pea’ under two pieces of old fence post and leaves.

Box 2

You will want to continue the trail from here and go up the other hill ahead and go down over another ditch and at about 100 paces, you will be starting up a hill with three Shag bark Hickories in close proximity.

From the two that stand on opposite sides of the narrow path, 22 paces uphill at 160* will bring you to ‘Carrots’ in the middle of a stump covered by the usual leaves, sticks and rocks.*** A dead locust with Hickory-jacks on the side will be very close. Watch for the downed fence wire too.****Due to the destruction of the stump by ants who buried my box in sand, I've moved it about 5 paces south into another stump.*****

Please re-place all boxes as found or better.