Huts  LbNA # 2218

Placed DateMay 24 2001
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission by Jersey Trailblazers & Rick_in_Boca
Only pieces of the original box were found. This box was replaced and a new stamp carved by Rick_in_Boca.
Difficulty: 2/5 stars. Moderate hike (some hills). 1 1/2 hour hike from parking lot to box, with a small 5-minute drive in-between....

You need to complete this clue during the daytime, when the Visitor's Center is open (usually between 10am and 4pm). The facts you'll need to answer these questions can be found by: watching the film at the Visitor's Center; reading the signs at the house next to the farm; reading the signs at the base of the huts; or, reading the signs on the trail itself (but not necessarily in that order). But, which Visitor's Center could it be?

For each of the following questions you'll find four choices; next to the correct answer you'll see a corresponding number. These numbers are then filled into the spaces on the letterbox clue below.

The Questions:

[A] Who commanded the Second Brigade?
Anthony: 200
Helms: 90
Peter: 270
Richard: 40

[B] Which memento is not mentioned?

buttons: 315
coins: 36
knives: 4
pipe stems: 220

[C] Who was "the backbone?"

New Jersey Brigade: 2
New York Line: 3
Pennsylvania Line: 4
Stark's Brigade: 5

[D] What day did someone get to eat a whole biscuit?

Tuesday: 42
Wednesday: 18
Saturday: 26
Sunday: 2

[E] What is "an awesome disease?"

dysentery: 14
gangrene: 30
smallpox: 1
typhoid fever: 22

[F] Who left six months ago?

Arthur: 30
Conrad: 24
Henry: 3
James: 10

[G] Who set up headquarters in the house?

Arthur: 30
Conrad: 350
Henry: 10
James: 330

Now, the letterbox clue:

Facing the hut at the top of the hill, take the path at [A]_______ degrees.

At the next intersection, follow the arrows

Then, at the next intersection, take the path at [B]_______ degrees.

Continue along the path until you see a group of [C]_______ trees on your right.

Walk [D]_______ paces until you see a tree on the left of the path.

Due north at [E]_______ pace(s) there is another tree.

[F]_______ paces at [G]_______ degrees is a fallen log with other logs lying perpendicular on top. The box is hidden beneath this nexus.

Please rehide this box where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance.