French  LbNA # 22186 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 14 2006
LocationManchester, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found Oct 27 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 27 2015 French
Manchester, CT
NOTE: This is a 1.25 mile scenic hike on the blue blazed Shenipsit Trail off of Camp Meeting Road. It is the same starting point as the " Dutch" letterbox. There are parts that are mildly hilly and at one spot you'll have a wide stream to cross (especially in spring months). However, there is nothing too major. Be careful when walking along Camp Meeting Road, cars go pretty fast.

From I-384 take exit 4. If you are coming from I-384E, turn left at the end of the offramp. Then turn right at the traffic light. This is Camp Meeting Road. If you are coming from I-384W, turn right at the end of the offramp. At the traffic light, continue straight. This is Camp Meeting Road (deja vu!). Drive for 1.3 miles, passing Birch Mountain Road and Carter Street on your right. About 100 yards after you pass the "Bolton Town Line" sign, you'll come to a dirt pullover on the right. Park here.
Walk back up the road in the direction you came, past a sign labelled 19. Look for the Shenipsit Trailhead (blue blazes). Take the trail to the left. You won't have to cross Camp Meeting Road for this adventure. The trail winds around through a forest area. After a few minutes you will arrive at a stream. Cross carefully and continue on. Eventually, you will see that the trail veers left along a gas pipeline clearing. Continue to stay on blue. You will come to a log home on the right and then to Carter Road. Cross the street and pass a sign that says, "Birch Mt. Road 0.6 mi.". You won't be going that far today, unless you want to extend your hike (there are many letterboxes in the Case Mountain area.). Soon you will pass a stone wall on the right as the trail climbs gently. After just a couple of more minutes you will come to a 4-way intersection. Notice several bird houses and feeders around. Turn left here to come to someone's "happy place". You'll see what I mean! Locate a great spot to relax and get into "the swing of things". From here, spot a flat stone at 130 degrees. It's on the other side of the pipeline clearing, a little over 30 steps away. Go to it. Look underneath for " French".
Once you have stamped in, please rehide carefully. To return to your car, simply go back the way you came...but what's the rush?