Queeny Park Queens Rule! - Puzzle for Final Queen  LbNA # 22201

OwnerFairy Princess Fiona    
Placed DateMay 14 2006
CountySt. Louis
LocationSt. Louis, MO
Found By I dig toasters
Last Found Jun 16 2010
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The "Queeny Park Queens Rule!" Series - Puzzle for Final Queen.

This is the puzzle to solve for the FINAL Queen letterbox in this series.

NOTICE: I am happy to report, The Queens are all back from their 2007 excursion,
including the Final Queen!


This series features a set of historic Queens.
I selected "Queens" as the theme, because, obviously, the very name of
the park just begged for that (even if Queeny is simply the
last name of the man that originally owned the land there)!

Anyway, Some of the Queens that I chose to honor may be familiar to
some of you; others may be unfamiliar to most.

That is because, in selecting the queens, I attempted
to satisfy a number of things.

First, I wanted the queens to be true rulers. That is, not only were
these women titular queens, they also had
power and responsibility of rulership during at least some
part of their tenure.

Second, I wanted to select a variety of queens from relatively recent history,
as well as some from distant to ancient times.

Third, I wanted these queens to be considered rather more
"historic" than "mythological."

Fourth, I wanted to try and repesent queens from various
continents and cultures.

This final criterion was particularly difficult to satisfy, since
our western culture offers us far more historical material to work with
in some areas, and very little in others.

In any case, these are all fabulous women who had fascinating
lives, and I hope you enjoy learning a bit about each of them!

How this series works:

I have planted 7 Queen letterboxes, plus one final box.
Each of the 7 Queen boxes will stand on its own, so you can track down any one of them,
in any order, and stamp in for as many or as few of them as you choose.

However, this is also a series. So, for those of you that wish to collect
all 7, you have a further reward you can attain. I have also planted
a final letterbox, which may be viewed as the "crowning glory"
(um... pun intended ;-) of the series.
The final letterbox requires that you find all the others first, and once you
do that and also solve the puzzle that proves you have done so,
the full instructions for the final queen letterbox will become available to you.

Directions for solving puzzle:

In order to do this next step, you need to have collected all of the 7 secret KEYWORDS, one of which was provided in each of the seven Queens letterboxes, in their logbooks.

You need those keywords to solve this puzzle.
It will help you to list out the keywords where you can see them all.

The FINAL KEYWORD is a seven letter word as follows:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Letter 1:

Find a pair of keywords that begin with the same letter, wherein the second
letter in both of these keywords is a consonant.

The first letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is the letter that this pair of keywords begins with.

Letter 2:

Looking at all of the keywords together, four letters are used 3 times.
Find which of these comes first if you recite the alphabet backwards.

The second letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is that letter.

Letter 3:

Looking at all of the keywords together, only one letter appears again
right after itself, making it an occurance of a double letter.

The third letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is the letter used in this double.

Letter 4:

Looking at all of the keywords together, ten letters of the alphabet are not used at all.
If you line these up in alphabetical order, you want to find the third from the last.

The fourth letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is that letter.

Letter 5:

Looking at all of the keywords together, six letters are
used exactly once. Looking at these in alphabetical order,
find the one that comes fourth.

The fifth letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is this letter.

Letter 6:

Looking at all of the keywords together, Of the four vowels
that are used, one of them is used exactly 3 times.

The sixth letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is that letter.

Letter 7:

Looking at all of the keywords together, many letters are
used exactly twice, and of those, two are used as
the last letter in the words that contain it.

The seventh letter of the FINAL KEYWORD is the one that precedes the other

Email the FINAL KEYWORD to me once you have figure it out.
I will then provide you with the means to view the directions to the final letterbox.