Queeny Park Queens Rule! - Jingo-kogo  LbNA # 22205

OwnerFairy Princess Fiona    
Placed DateMay 14 2006
CountySt. Louis
LocationSt. Louis, MO
Found By Farm Eagle
Last Found Jan 31 2012
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The "Queeny Park Queens Rule!" Series - Jingo-kogo.

This is the fourth in the series.

NOTICE: The Queens have returned from their winter's excursion at long last!
They are ready to receive visitors once again!

This Queen's location has been moved to a new location, not far from where she was!


This series features a set of historic Queens.
I selected "Queens" as the theme, because, obviously, the very name of
the park just begged for that (even if Queeny is simply the
last name of the man that originally owned the land there)!

Anyway, Some of the Queens that I chose to honor may be familiar to
some of you; others may be unfamiliar to most.

That is because, in selecting the queens, I attempted
to satisfy a number of things.

First, I wanted the queens to be true rulers. That is, not only were
these women titular queens, they also had
power and responsibility of rulership during at least some
part of their tenure.

Second, I wanted to select a variety of queens from relatively recent history,
as well as some from distant to ancient times.

Third, I wanted these queens to be considered rather more
"historic" than "mythological."

Fourth, I wanted to try and repesent queens from various
continents and cultures.

This final criterion was particularly difficult to satisfy, since
our western culture offers us far more historical material to work with
in some areas, and very little in others.

In any case, these are all fabulous women who had fascinating
lives, and I hope you enjoy learning a bit about each of them!

How this works:

I have planted 7 Queen letterboxes, plus one final box.
Each of the 7 Queen boxes will stand on its own, so you can track down any one of them,
in any order, and stamp in for as many or as few of them as you choose.

However, this is also a series. So, for those of you that wish to collect
all 7, you have a further reward you can attain. I have also planted
a final letterbox, which may be viewed as the "crowning glory"
(um... pun intended ;-) of the series.
The final letterbox requires that you find all the others first, and once you
do that, the full instructions for the final one will become available to you.

Featured Queen IV - Jingo-kogo

This queen lived in 169-269 AD.

Jingo-kogo was an Empress, the wife of Chuai-tenno, the 14th Emperor of Japan.
(In Japan, they called their rulers Emperor and Empress instead of King and Queen.)

Jingo's husband planned an expedition to conquer Korea, but he died before setting out. So, instead, she completed his mission, conquering Korea in 201 AD.

She lead her navy herself, and reputedly she
prohibited all raping and plundering when they took cities. It is claimed that
her conquest of Korea was bloodless. It is also claimed that in the aftermath
of her conquests, she brought to Japan its first written language.

There was also a legend about her that although pregnant with the future Emperor during the
period of Korean conquest, she put a rock in her sash to delay his birth for three years
until she was back home!

Back in Japan, she governed as regent for 70 years and was succeeded by her son Emperor Ojin. She died in 269 AD at the age of 100, and became revered for her wisdom and longevity.

Park in the Queeny Park parking lot that is accessed via Mason Road, and is
closest to the Dog Museum. Make your way toward the Dog Museum. Find the main path
behind the museum. Go Right
where the path gives you the choice and follow the path.

You will pass by some park buildings (one has a Polo player weathervane) on your right
and eventually get to where
the cars can drive into the park area. You have the option to turn right (which goes
out to Mason), or go left-ish, or go straight. You want to go straight.

Keep on this path, following it as it goes along parallel to the road, until you come
to a fork in the path, where you can either go straight or veer to the left.
Take the left route which shortly turns to gravel.

Follow this down to a fenced maintenance area. Keep on the Owl trail. You will see a
caution sign concerning park service vehicles. At this point, continue straight, avoiding
the right fork in the road.

When you come to a bench, go left and start counting.
You need to go about 235 steps along the path.
(There used to be an orange-red bench
on your right along the way, but it was removed.)

Looking to your right you should find a young pair of trees that are very
straight. These "twins" are about 4 steps apart from each other.

The twin on the left is only a couple feet from a much larger fatter tree.

Stand in between the twins and from there, orient yourself so that you face 320 degrees.
Walk about 95 steps, pretty much
going straight in that direction. Be sure you get your bearings right to start!

At about 60 steps you will encounter a large fallen log and sort of a mess of logs and brush, but you need to keep on going.

You should eventually come to a large fallen log (but not hugely large).
At the end it is hollow and it has some smaller logs sticking out of its
opening. Inside that hollow you should find the queen with a flat stone covering the box..

NOTICE how the letterbox is covered so that you can re-hide it
and put the smaller logs and stone back in as you found them.


Bring your own ink or ink pad, and of course paper or a logbook to stamp into,
as well as a pen to log your name, date and where you are from.

This stamp measures 2.5 X 3.5 inches, so you make sure your paper
or logbook is big enough for this.
You may enjoy using black for this stamp.

Finally, Please be discrete when uncovering and re-hiding this letterbox, if you happen
to visit the site during one of its more crowded times.