Flower Power!  LbNA # 22210

Placed DateMay 15 2006
LocationColumbia, MO
Found By tophersgals
Last Found Apr 3 2012
Hike Distance?

This groovy letterbox will take you to the Bear Creek Trail, which connects Cosmo Park to Oakland Park in northern Columbia. The Bear Creek Trail is a wide crushed gravel trail maintained by the City of Columbia but has a number of largely unamed, slightly more wild, offshoot trails popular with mountain bikers. In order to find some funky flower power, you'll need to navigate one of these offshoot trails, but don't trip out man, just follow the clues!

**This box is BYOI (Bring Your Own Ink), and you will need a compass.

Directions to Cosmo Park, Bear Creek Trail Cosmo Access:

In Columbia, take I-70 to Stadium Blvd (MO 740) Exit #124. Turn North on Stadium (740) to traffic light at Business Loop 70 E. Turn right and follow to Cosmo Park entrance on left. Follow the road to the back of the park (northern most), past soccer fields and Antimi Baseball/ Softball complex. Find the Skateboard Park and then the parking area for the Bear Creek Trail on the west side of the skate park.


Take the Bear Creek Trail into the woods and down the hill. Come to an intersection and bear left to continue on the main gravel trail. At the next large intersection where two gravel trails meet, turn right and follow the trail along the lake until you reach a metal roadblock which may or may not be closed. Notice an orange trail marker, along with a smaller stone marker, on your left. Take this offshoot trail down the hill. Cross the intersection to the large boulder. Take "Rhett's Return" heading North and be sure to shout a hardy "Frankly my dear, I don't give a darn!" when doing so. Follow the trail and quickly cross one drainage, then another, before entering a clear-cut area. Notice the start of a cedar grove on the the other side of the clearing and an enormous, hollow, downed tree on the right side of the trail. From this hollow log, go 35 paces down the trail until it comes to an area that almost meets the creek on the left. Notice a skinny-trunked cedar tree on the left marked with a green blaze. (There is also a nifty handmade seat, crafted out of old logs, on the left by the creek...makes a really nice place to sit, but since I know LBers are a goal-oriented bunch, back to the hunt...) From the small cedar with the green blaze, walk another 8 paces down the trail to find a larger cedar marked with a white blaze on the left of the trail. With your back to this cedar, take a bearing of 160 degrees and head uphill 14 paces to a large cedar tree with many branches. (There is a rough game trail you can follow to make things easier...the cedar will be on your right at 14 paces). Notice a flat stone on the ground about 8 ft. in front (SE) of the cedar. Use a little muscle and and see what sprouts from underneath! **If you're travelling with kiddos, its a good idea to have an adult lift the stone as it is somewhat heavy.

When you're finished, please replace the stones as you found them, taking care to make sure no part of the box is visible. Also, as this is one of my first plants, please e-mail me with comments on clues, the box, or your philosophy on life. Enjoy!