Krewe d'etat  LbNA # 22217

Placed DateMay 15 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By ImaJean
Last Found Jul 19 2015
Hike Distance?

RISK: low


The pool is completely gone now.
Rest of the clue is still accurate.

EXTRA TIPS: This box is near Maroney Park in Nacogdoches. If you are going during June and July (when school is out), the city pool is also open, right in the same area, using the same parking lot. So perhaps you would want to make an afternoon of it, going letterboxing and have a swim, too.
Rates are very cheap, 50 cents for young kids and $1.00 for teens, and $2.00 for adults (I think). Lifeguards are on duty.

There is also a WONDERFUL playground, with shaded picnic tables, available all year. If you are boxing with kids today, this park is a great place for a picnic snack. Bathrooms are only "fair", not fantastic. : (

Go to Maroney Park in Nacogdoches. Walk down the hill, on the right side of the pool, behind the pavilion and towards the woods. Enter the trail from here. Walk a short distance along the trail until you note a piece of exercise equipment on your left.

Stand at the right end (the low end) of this structure and you'll see a medium-sized pine tree diagonally and to the right, behind it. Just behind that tree is a large pine tree. And several more feet behind that tree, is another large pine tree, this time with a fallen log right beside it.

The box is between that tree and the log. The log makes a handy spot to sit and stamp in, I think. Enjoy!

Another letterbox, Hershey's State, is also on this same trail, at the other end. You could start at either one, walk the whole trail, and finish with the other one! : )

Thanks for looking!