Beaver Mountain Provincial Park  LbNA # 22230

Placed DateOct 1 2000
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationAntigonish, NVA
Found By atlantictime
Last Found Jul 17 2007
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This box was found after being "lost" for almost 6 years! Clan Jiggs has officially adopted it in the hope that some more local LBers will look for it!

Originally Placed by: Christopher and Heather Van Loon
Length: 5.5 km/3.6 mi
Time: 2 hrs
Type: Pavement, dirt road, walking paths

From Antigonish, take Highway 104 11.5 km (7 miles) west toward New Glasgow. At exit 30, head south (left) and take first right road. Follow for 5 km (3 mi). Park at the end of the pavement.

Beaver Mountain Provincial Park offers recreation opportunities all year long. In the warmer months, there's hiking and in the winter, there's cross-country skiing. As you hike through this park, you will notice signs for ski trails scattered throughout.

The trail is a 'stacked-loop' system (there's a trail map kiosk near where you will park your car). Picture a figure-eight with a vertical line extending from the bottom loop, and you'll get an idea of this trail's shape. This shape allows you to take a shorter hike by cutting across the middle of the figure-eight, or take a longer hike by taking the outside of the eight all the way. The latter route is the one you will take.

The rule of thumb you will adhere to is 'always take the left trail at junctions'. When my wife and I hiked this trail, we were a bit confused by junctions with cross-country ski trails. But if you follow the rule above, you'll be just fine. Now then, on to the trail!

Follow the paved portion of the trail away from the park entrance and around an orange gate until you come to a grassy/dirt path to the left. A trail sign is directly in front of you. The trail is well marked by rectacngular red markers. Keep to the left at the next junction. You should pass under a power line shortly, and the trail then heads into an area of densely packed spruce.

As the trail descends, the road continues right. You will go left (remember the rule). The hiking will be relatively easy here, on a wide, grassy path. When you reach Cameron's Brook you will be at the point at which you could take the shorter loop, or continue left. Go out on the wooden bridge to see if you can spot beaver (depending on the time of year and time of day). There is a bench just accross the bridge where you can stop for a rest. When you are ready to continue, head uphill (left at the bridge). This stretch is demanding, so pace yourself! As you climb, you notice that the trees are now mostly maple and beech. The trail narrows here, but is still obvious. This portion of the trail borders the park boundary, where you will start to notice clear-cut forest to the left, for over a mile of hiking. You are now heading straight for the power line right-of-way. You will not see the lines but you are headed for them. Before you reach the lines, the trail will turn right. You will parallel the power line for a while. You can just see the clearing through the trees.

You should now keep your eyes open for an upcoming junction of trail paths. The junction is like an upside-down capital Y, where you are walking down the left of the two bottom paths. You'll know you're at the right junction when the compass bearing is 100° on the continuation of the path you were traveling on, and 260° on the path that joins to the right of the path you had been on. (Check: you've gone too far if you pass a sign which says "Wrong Way"). At this junction, set your compass to 44°, and walk 45-50 steps (one footfall = one step) in that direction. Find the letterbox behind a tall, straight maple tree with an 18-24 inch trunk.

After stamping up, bear left at the next junction of paths. You will pass the bench, cross the beaver bridge and pass under the power lines again. After walking under the power lines stay to the right and continue on the re-marked trail. When you reach the paved road, turn right and head back to the parking lot.

Have fun, eh?