Messenger of Peace  LbNA # 2225

Placed DateNov 17 2001
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission by Jersey Trailblazers
Difficulty: 2/5 stars. Easy hike; 1 hour circuit.

Mensajero de paz
El pueblo Mexicano
anhela fructifiquen
tus altos ideales

The pillar marking the end of this messenger's voyage is in a desolate place. But, every year, those who venture here to honor his memory bring nationalist pride and a small piece of hope for the future.

From the opening of the fence in front of the pillar, look to the southeast and follow the sign.

Continue along that road until you see a small triangular fence. From the triangle, a trail at 310 degrees leads off the road and away from the people.

Follow the twisting path. You'll come to a major fork in the road; take the branch at 280 degrees.

When you come to the four-way intersection, take the path at 180 degrees.

Walk down the path until you come to another four-way intersection; go to your left. Walk approximately 47 paces. Step on top of the mound on your left, go 8 paces at 50 degrees. Look behind the tree, under the red stone.

To get back to the pillar, go back to the last four-way intersection, and take the path at 215 degrees. When you reach the paved road, go left and walk for five to ten minutes.

This box hase been hidden well to keep it safe. Please rehide it where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance. Steps are single and are based on an average step - not long strides.