Louisbourg  LbNA # 22271

Placed DateMay 12 2006
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationLouisbourg, NVA
Found By dewlovers
Last Found Jun 28 2013
Hike Distance?

Box was found alive and well 4 Jun 2010!

Louisbourg was one of the earliest, and most important French settlements of Ile Royale (Cape Breton). It served as the capital until the British took control in 1758. The city was well-fortified, protected by a wall and cannons. Over the centuries, the city fell into disrepair, until 1960, when Parks Canada started an ambitious restoration project. Today, Louisbourg is a living museum, and stands as North America’s largest historical reconstruction.

The park is open daily through the spring to fall months.

For more information:


The box is accessible year-round, subject to weather conditions.

From Sydney, follow Hwy 22 to Louisbourg. Pass through the town. You’ll see the sign for Louisbourg National Historic Site on your right. Stay on the main road! Look for the Royal Battery sign on your left just past the park entrance. Pull in and park.

To the box: Look for the wooden steps and go down them. At the Introduction, take a bearing of 320 degrees. Follow this heading for 24 steps. Take a new bearing of 260 degrees. Take 60 more steps. Now, your next bearing is 220 degrees. Follow this for 88 steps. Follow this new path for another 140 steps. Old Louisbourg is spread out before you! Take a new bearing of 100 degrees. Take 58 steps on this heading. Follow the structure to the left. At its end, exit left and follow the trail for another 28 steps. Take another bearing of 020 degrees and follow it for 139 steps. Take a final bearing of 060 degrees and 62 more steps. There should be a faint path in front of you. Take 12 steps towards the ocean. Turn to your right. The box is hidden at the base of the large boulder closest to the path. Please be discreet, and rehide well,

Please bring your own ink and pen.

Have fun, eh?