S & L Ry  LbNA # 22272

Placed DateMay 12 2006
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationLouisbourg, NVA
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The Sydney and Louisbourg Railway was established in 1895 to primarily move coal from the great mines of Dominion and Glace Bay to the ports of Sydney and Louisbourg, NS. At its completion, the S & L was one of the most modern railroad lines in Canada. The amount of traffic on the railroad rose throughout the years so that by the mid 1950s the S & L had over 30 steam locomotives operating on 116 miles of track. However, the explosion of automobile and truck use soon made the S & L unprofitable, and the railway ceased operations in 1970.

Today, the CN uses portions of the old mainline to haul coal. You can still find vestiges of the S & L throughout the region. The Terminal in Louisbourg is one such example. It has been restored by the S & L Historical Society, and is open during the summer months, with several pieces of rolling stock on display.

From Sydney, follow Hwy 22 to Louisbourg. Find the railroad station. Pull in and park.

Stand on the end of the platform. Face the semaphore pole and the freight cars. Turn north. Find the track switch. Look under its southern end, by the rail. Rehide with coal and debris.

Please bring your own ink and pen.

Have fun, eh?