The Path from the Quenticut to the Colt Building  LbNA # 22288 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 20 2006
LocationHartford, CT
Found By Ewe and Me
Last Found Jun 15 2007
Hike Distance?

Locate the sculpture entitled "Quenticut" on the Riverfront Plaza in Hartford. It is at the top of the stairs of the outdoor theater. Looking East from the statue toward the Connecticut River, locate the middle staircase that leads down to the band shell at the edge of the river. Climb down 87 stairs to the paved walkway at the edge of the river. An alternate to this downward trek is to take the elevator down to the "L" level and then take the stairs or the ramp down to the walkway at the edge of the river. Walk south along the river path (it is also a lightly used road…be careful). You will pass a pump station on the river and then shortly after the road bends slightly right and goes up an incline. You should see the Colt Building in the distance as you climb the slight hill. If you look left, you should see the East Hartford boat launch on the other side of the river. Follow the road until you cross railroad tracks. Do not cross the tracks! Take a right at the tracks and walk about 140 railroad ties up the track until you find a railroad track piece on the left side of the track against the concrete wall. The letterbox is under the track piece. The track is occasionally used to haul freight so be careful on the track. Good luck.

Remember: This is urban letterboxing! There may be people around the letterbox site. Make sure that when you are locating the box, you do not attract the attention of those who may be curious to remove the letterbox after you have visited.