Signature  LbNA # 2231

Placed DateMay 14 2001
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission by Jersey Trailblazers


Difficulty: 3/5 stars. Moderate hike (plenty of hills and narrow trails). 20-30 minute hike from parking lot to box.

NOTE: This letterbox can be a bit tricky to find if it has just finished raining. And, it may involve walking through some tall grasses at one point. Be warned!

After they crossed, everything changed....

Start at the interpretive center with the big butterfly.

Go counterclockwise. Follow the red trail.

Make a right onto white. Cross a bridge. Follow the first sign to "wildlife." Then, ignore the third sign.

Make a right onto the wider horse trail. At the next intersection, make a left. Go approximately 80-85 paces along the tree line until you see a small opening on your right. If you look under a pile of fieldstones behind the tree on the right, you can get the signature you're looking for.

Please rehide this box where you found it. Please do not let children rehide box without assistance.