Out of Breath  LbNA # 22325 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 21 2006
CountyNez Perce
LocationLewiston, ID
Found By SnowFire
Last Found Apr 15 2007
Hike Distance?

A warning of caution: Parts of the path to this letterbox maybe a bit dangerous. Watch out for pieces of glass and plants hidding areas of the stairs.

This letterbox is perfect for individuals who wish to experience a lesser known side of Lewiston and get a bit of exercise.

1. Start at the Adams Lane Apartment's playground. This location is on Adam's Lane, which is a side street off of Idaho Street. Adam's Lane is between the Health Department and Rollerway.

2. Find your way to the hole in the chain-link fence to the right of the playground and follow the dirt path directly to the left.

3. Continue up the path and when the path divides stay to the right.

4. Aahh...an open, manicured park! Follow the tree line to the beatiful, white, wooden centerpiece of the park. Rest a moment and enjoy the view.

5. When your up to it, continue down the 8th street hill. Stay on the sidewalk.

6. While on your nice downhill walk, keep your eyes open for another set of stairs across the road.

7. Carefully cross the street and start up those stairs.

8. Stop ascending the stairs once you can see the start of the handrail at the top of the stairs.

9. Starting at the top and counting down, the 6th metal post supporting the handrail is where you want go.

10. Across from this post, two steps down, and behind the stone wall is where the letterbox hides.

11. The letterbox can be found under a small pile of stones, grass, and dirt close to the corner of the stone wall.