The Three Musketeers  LbNA # 22326 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 21 2006
LocationMequon, WI
Found By Sunny Side Up
Last Found Oct 7 2010
Hike Distance?

10/3/2011: Boxes are currently unavailable. It's hard to keep adventurous Musketeers in place!***

The Musketeers have been reunited! As of 7/5/07, all three boxes are in place.

Buckle your swash and don your feathered cap- the musketeers are loose in Ozaukee County! To find them, mount your trusty steed, and set forth for the Highland Woods in the land of Mequon.

From the parking lot, follow the signs directing you towards Wilmeth Way. You will encounter a number of paths on your quest, and, unless otherwise specified, you should always choose the path to the right. If you follow this rule, you will soon find yourself walking though an open prairie area, and then navigating a gentle hill as you enter the woods. When a tree blocks your path, take fourteen heel-to-toe steps, and find Athos hiding on your right (the logbook is in the third box).

Continue along the path, over roots, through dappled sunshine, past a small bench, and down a hill. At the bottom of this hill, take the higher path, the path on the left, through greenery, past a pile of wooden chunks, and gently upwards again (if you find yourself on a steep hill you have taken a wrong turn). Walk under a majestic arch, past a mighty forked tree lying on the ground, and learn about the colorful fauna found in the Highland Woods. Notice that your surroundings are changing- the trees are getting shorter, and sunlight is becoming more plentiful. You’ll soon find yourself walking the straight and narrow as you continue on your quest.

When you have to step over, under, over, under, you will be approaching your next goal. The last obstacle is a barkless tree trunk, and you’ll find Porthos near the ground where this trunk intersects with the trunk you just stepped over.

Once you have hidden Porthos away, you need to turn and go back the way you just came. Retrace nine steps until you are standing where three paths converge. Take the path that is furthest to the right, which will take you out from under the canopy and up a hill. When you pass a number of sawed-off logs you will know that you are on the right track.

Continue to wind around and through, over and down, always choosing the path on the right when faced with a choice. Eventually you will pass through an area that looks much different that the rest of the hike, and reminds you that you are not in 19th century France. After you pass through this area a second time, you will begin seeing signs that humans, and perhaps chickens, have been through these woods before. The scenery also suggests that some trees here have had a traumatic encounter- was it with a storm or one of Cardinal Richelieu's minions?

An enormous dead tree, broken in two across another tree signals that you are almost at the end of your journey. Cross a couple of rickety log "bridges", come around the bend several times, and follow the last few right-hand paths. When the end is in sight, stop next to the “cobblestones” which are surely waiting to pave the streets of Paris (okay, maybe not). Step into the woods on a small path, as if you are going to examine this pile more closely. Take approximately five steps, and then Aramis will be within arm’s reach. Please re-hide this box well. After stamping up, return to the path and follow it out to the parking area.